Pokémon, Sonic And Mega Man, All Made Out Of… Meat?

Pokémon, Sonic And Mega Man, All Made Out Of… Meat?

Ground meat ain’t just for hamburgers, you know. It’s also for art. Over at Tumblr, a blog called Epic Grinds serves as the purveyor of artistic objects created out of ground meat.

The owner’s skill doesn’t stop at meatifying game characters, mind you — there’s a great variety of objects from anime, live-action series and real life as well.

For example, here’s Sonic and his trusty partner, Tails.

Link fighting Ganondorf!

Olimar directing his Pikmin!

Samus and a baby metroid!

Here’s Mega Man and Cut Man, getting ready to duke it out.

Ground meat Death Star is looking rather menacing next to ground meat Artoo.

Kitchen: the final frontier.

And finally, here’s a few Pokemon. Pikachu’s looking a bit deflated, there.

If you haven’t run off to make yourself a burger yet, you can check out Epic Grinds’ other meat artwork here.

Epic Grinds [Tumblr]

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