Giovanni, The Team Rocket Boss, Is Pokémon's Best Villian

I'll be honest: even though I've played through most of the Pokémon games, I don't really remember most of the villains I've faced over the years... with one exception, Giovanni.

TheJWittz here dives into the Team Rocket boss and shows us exactly why he's so memorable — aside from giving us one of the best twists in all the games (who could have guessed he'd be a gym leader back in Red and Blue?), Giovanni is also the source of a lot of theories and speculation. Is he, for example, Ash Ketchum's dad? Did he kill himself? Is it possible he's actually the good guy?

We might never know the answer to this stuff, but that's OK. Half the fun is the speculation.

Giovanni Facts and Theories - Feat. ChuggaaConroy [TheJWittz]


    Nah, the best villain was Gary Oak. He was challenging and fun to take down because he was such a jerk. Plus, he gave us the even better twist of turning out to be the true champion.

    This is why i don't like the rivals in the newer games; they're all too nice and too easy, so i just feel like an arsehole for beating them.

      Yeah I agree Gary crushed it. Loved him as the rival. He was cool as well as being frustrating, unlike the gold and silver rival who was just a dick the entire time. They need to go back to rivals that actually seem like rivals, not pushovers.

      Heh. I always feel sort of bad for humiliating the Gym Leaders. They dedicate their lives to Rock Pokemon and I breezed through and one shot every last one of them with an Electric type because I'm too lazy to reorder my lineup.

      At the same time though I wish they'd react better. Some random Poke Fan trainer on Route 22 gets destroyed by my Mega Evolved Mewtwo and he reacts by telling you some random info about the area. It'd be brilliant if you Mega Evolved and the opposing trainer just threw in the towel and ran. "Preschooler Terry crapped his pants and fainted. Pidgey is confused". It's already level 8 Rattata vs level 75 Mewtwo, going Mega is just cruel. =P

        Cool story bro...

        My first Mega Evolution in the game was using Mega Charizard on some poor kids Burmy. I like to imagine my character went "hey kid, wanna see something really cool?" right before he did it. Of course, the kid didn't care in the slightest.

      You guys aught to read the true Gary story, such as . Red is such a total dickhole to Gary for the entire game, its actually quite depressing.

    So you mean that Giovanni was some kind of Uchiha Itachi?!?

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