Good Thing GTA V Isn't A PS4 Indie

Good Thing GTA V Isn't A PS4 Indie

Good thing GTA V isn't a little indie game. Because, when put up against Sony's objectionable content guidelines for self-published games on PlayStation 4, it seems like Rockstar wouldn't be able to do most of the stuff in the game. [via Twitter]


    So basically everything but the child abuse for GTA V... hot damn money does buy everything.


      More seriously - more like a proven quantity as a known publisher, as opposed to Racist McSogynist, random indie self publisher.

    Oh.....well I guess my game idea about a child beating KKK street hooker who gains super powers from smoking weed before climaxing in a roof top martial arts three way fight with Budda and Jesus is going back to the drawing board :(

      lol. Reminds me of the game "Dudebro, My Shit is [email protected]#ked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time?"
      Seriously that's a real games name that was made simply because of that comment.

    Playstation have strict guidelines as to your alocated system resources, there would be no way GTA would be able to squeeze the game in what sony provide. So your statement falls short.

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