Google Has A Surprise For You This Halloween

Alright alright, I get it. Halloween isn't really a thing in Australia, but whatever this is still pretty cool. Google has put together a series of interactive flash things on its homepage and it's pretty awesome.

My favourite thing about it is the concept. You begin as a witch. You have four items to throw into a cauldron. Depending on which combination of ingredients you use you get a different little flash game. They're super basic, and only last for a few seconds, but I like the whole idea. Very cool little timewaster.


    I don't think Google would put flash on their homepage. It's probably some HTML5 or other magic.

    I think Halloween is more and more becoming a 'thing' in Australia, and I'm ok with that.

    I don't believe in bs religious stuff, so xmas and easter are completely irrelevant to me (he apparently came back to life so there's a rabbit and we eat chocolate... riiiiiight) HOWEVER I do love horror movies, various blends of metal music and scary/gory stuff, so Halloween is right up my dark alley. Any excuse to wear corpse paint and get wasted is awesome.

    Oh and yes I saw this right on 12 last night (i was working late) and played through all the little games. I like the stop motion-y and hand made feel to the whole thing too.

      I'm surprised we haven't adopted it more swiftly. Not so much the trick-or-treat bullshit, that's just inconvenient to people getting visitors and a load of extra work for parents. But as for themed parties? It's another excuse to get drunk, wear weird shit, and watch the ladies dress up as 'sexy [profession/creature/whatever]'. Sounds right up our alley, as a nation.

      I'd love for Halloween to become bigger here, but I'd feel like an idiot if I went out in costume and only a minority of people are embracing it. I feel like it needs to be an 'all or nothing' thing. Until there's some major marketing or social networking push for it, it'll still be like white Christmases, it's something we'll never pick up on.

    Is the surprise that it's boring and sucks? If so, surprise found.

    I wonder why all my comments are getting screened for moderation all of a sudden? Hmmm.

      Same here man, we must have said somthing naughty.

    Theres nothing worse when you have a super flu and children are knocking at your door every 3 minutes - Really hate Halloween.... a lot.

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