Grab A Bunch Of Cheap Capcom Games This Weekend

I've been meaning to pick up Resident Evil 6, if only to satisfy my cravings for another co-op survival horror experience. It looks like this weekend might be the time to unload currency on it, with Green Man Gaming offering the game for a discount, along with many other Capcom titles.

If you're not in the mood to complete destroy the fine fabric of your wallet / purse / piggy bank, then classics like Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4, both available for $US4.99, might be the way to go.

Those after something more recent can try their hands at Remember Me, which is available for $US24.99, down from its usual $US49.99, or Resident Evil 6, sitting at $US19.99, instead of the pricier $US39.99.

Unfortunately, GMG's current 25 per cent discount code doesn't work on these titles, so those hoping for sneaky additional savings will be disappointed. There's also no indication as to how long the sale is on for, which means if you're keen, you should probably take advantage of these deals sooner rather than later.

Green Man Gaming [GMG, via Capcom]


    there was a capcom sale on steam last week? up to 75% off and re6 was about $10.

    If you've got a PS3, Remember Me is currently one of the free games on PS+.

      It's the right price for me to have a crack at it after being disappointed by the reviews and gameplay videos. As an aside, Metal Gear Rising is on PSPlus as well.

      Last edited 26/10/13 10:11 pm

    And then I remembered that the game was terrible :)

    Remember Me is well worth getting. I wonder how it plays on PC though, as it really is a rhythm game at heart. I'd say you'd need a game pad to get full enjoyment.

    Last edited 26/10/13 6:32 pm

      plays like shit on PC without a controller. And man it was so disappointing to find it wasn't an open world as the early trailers made it seem - easily the most linear game I've played in a long time. At least the story was interesting, tho the constant "Remember You Later" farewells and stuff put me in mind of the grating "Breath deep!" "Fly High!" niceties from the Dinotopia series way back when.

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