Graduate From The University Of Trials!

Graduate From The University Of Trials!

I am a huge fan of Trials HD and its sequel Trials Evolution. I love them more than practically any other game on the market, because I like games that force me to learn something, to get good at something. But sometimes it’s hard to get good on your own: everyone needs a little bit of help. That’s where the University of Trials comes in.

A video series put together by long time member of the Kotaku community FatShady, the University of Trials is a well made, super helpful series of videos designed to help you improve your skills on the game.

Personally I think this episode, which is the last in the series, is the best. It’s definitely the most helpful, especially if you play quite seriously and happen to be struggling with some of the more difficult jumps on the extreme tracks. There are a couple shown in this episode that I really had trouble with — the jump on Dark City Run being the prime example.

So congrats on a great series of video FatShady and thanks for all the tips.


  • Thanks again Mark for posting this and I had an absolutely amazing time producing this series. I stepped back from it when it was all done and realised that I’m just a bloke from Sydney that was passionate about this and was somehow able to work closely with my fav game developer half way round the world and produced the series largely from my garage in good ol’ C-Town.

    I have learnt a huge amount regarding video production, editing, lighting, green screens, animation and graphics, audio mixing and all that other fun stuff that goes into producing something like this. Im super greatful for the opportunity to learn all of these new skills while making something that people enjoy and find helpful.

    Very much appreciate the feedback from Kotaku AU and hope that it has helped some of you.

    I have no current plans for anything new relating to Trials however they have 2 new games coming out next year so I will see what opportunities arise from that.

    As always, follow me on twitter @FatShadyLive and I’ll keep you updated on anything else I get involved with.

  • I’d like to second Sheamus sentiment. I know it would’ve been a tough slog but thanks for your efforts. I hope that you might consider carrying on when Trials comes to Xbox One next year which I for one, can’t wait for!

    • I hope to. Im getting an xbone day 1 and as soon as Fusion comes out I will have that. I’d like to continue the series or something similar but until I see the game it’s hard to plan too much.

      But thanks for the kind words.

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