Grand Theft Auto Comes To Life In Hong Kong Car Chase

Grand Theft Auto Comes to Life in Hong Kong Car Chase

A car chase, GTA comparisons inevitably arise. But this particular car chase totally looks like Grand Theft Auto. Really!

The chase happened earlier this year, and the footage is taken from an undercover Hong Kong cop car and was recently uploaded by Next Media.

For 20 minutes, police chased the 33-year-old driver, who was trying to get out of paying a ticket or a fine. In the video, an officer can be heard screaming for the guy to get out of car and calling in back-up.

Next Media compared the chase to Grand Theft Auto. Thanks in large part to the low dash cam and manic driving, that seems about right.

港版GTA掹槍拉犯 逆線追車片段曝光 [Next Media — Thanks Edward!]


    I would think sleeping dogs would be a more apt comparison...

    There's a distinct lack of crashes and explosions. How's that like GTA?

    Alternate comment: Bad enough media compares games to real-life crimes, do we have to do the same?

      Exactly, this is just a run of the mill idiot trying to avoid a ticket, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with GTA V or video games and shame on Ashcraft for trying to get cheap views with this stupid article.

    AHAHAHA oh the recording between the officers.

    I find it amusing how some people and the media think that this kind of thing never happened before the introduction of video games

      Bullit, The Italian Job, James Bond, etc.

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