Grand Theft Auto Online Makes A Superb Second Impression

Grand Theft Auto Online Makes A Superb Second Impression

I gave Grand Theft Auto Online a chance to make a second impression this morning by spamming on the "retry" button. I had to. The first impression at 7am wasn't so hot. Server woes and all that. But I wasn't going to let Rockstar Games' overburdened online infrastructure keep me from trying this game out. Eventually, I got in. Good thing. It got way better.

I've only played about 10 minutes of GTA Online — not for lack of trying — so I'm not going to be able to tell you about any deep features in the game. I'm not going to break down any intricate systems, offer tips and cheats. No, I can just tell you what a first dip into this thing is like.

Let's go in chronological order...

The Rough Start

I first tried to get into the game at around 7AM this morning.

I'm on an Xbox 360, and I've played through the single-player campaign. The download to activate GTAO is small. It's under 60MB.

Once the title update was downloaded, the game started loading. While it's booting up, you can toggle between loading into the single-player game or the online mode. It's more or less the same in terms of the world map. You're going to Los Santos or Blaine County either way. Same landmass. Just different timeframe, different missions, different structure and, in theory, other people in the same world.

I hit server troubles right away. GTA's creators at Rockstar Games had warned that things would be rough. This was expected, if annoying. Before I could even create a character I was getting warnings that Rockstar's cloud servers were down and that I wouldn't be able to save. Instead of accepting these warnings, I just hit the "retry" button again and again. In about a minute, I was in. I was able to start creating a character.

I decided I'd play as a woman as that seemed novel and newsworthy enough. In fact, my game defaulted to presenting a female character model. It defaulted to a guy for one of my colleagues.

You don't sculpt the character's looks manually, but you can toggle their gender. What you primarily do to design their face and skin tone is select their grandparents and move some sliders to determine how much one side of the family's looks affect your character's. If you're in the Rockstar Social Club or have special editions of the game, you can skip the parental grandparent part of the customizer and choose to have a "special dad." I use the Rockstar Social Club, so I was able to do that and make Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston my father.

After figuring out your characters' ancestry, you can shape their "lifestyle", which is another odd, interesting change to how characters are customised in this game. Apologies for the blurry shot, but take a look:

Grand Theft Auto Online Makes A Superb Second Impression

What you're seeing is the default way my character's time would be spent each day. All the notches in the categories on the right are drawn from a pool of 24 hours of time. The game tells me I can't make my character sleep fewer than four hours of the day. I don't think I can make them sleep more than six. You, like me, might be wondering if this means my GTA Online character will go to sleep for a sixth of my playtime in the world. I do not know! We shall see...

I chose a hairdo, makeup, hat and shirt for my character and named her. I waited for the game to load more and catch up to what I was doing. And then GTA Online's proper intro began.

The intro is cool, showing your character fly into Los Santos and meet GTA V supporting character Lamar. GTAO takes place a few months before V, according to Rockstar, so this is all prequel stuff. Your character doesn't speak and doesn't have that many customisable wardrobe options at the start. The former is fixed; the latter will certainly open up the more you play.

The intro cinematic ends with Lamar greeting you and driving you from the airport into the city. It's setting things up for the fact that at least some of GTAO is driven by narrative and will unfold as a sequence of missions. At the start, Lamar takes you to a parking lot for a streetrace. And that, sadly, is when GTAO wants to again talk to Rockstar's servers and find other players against whom you can race. That stopped my progress dead for more than an hour. The servers simply wouldn't match me with other players.

I backed out to the single-player and loaded GTAO again. Didn't help.

I rebooted the game. Didn't help.

I tried starting the game from GTA V's "online" menu, selecting a crew-only game or an invite-only game. Didn't help.

I tried starting from the online menu and selecting a "solo" session in GTAO. That seemed to work. I loaded back into the parking lot and could run around. But Lamar wasn't there. I jacked a car and was told to go back to the race trigger point. A yellow GPS line drew my path to it. I went there, but there was no trigger point to be found.

I left the game idle, resigned that I wouldn't play Online today. After some time passed, I got a warning message saying I would be kicked from the game for being idle. I pressed a button to acknowledge this and then.... character re-spawned in the parking lot in a matchmaking screen. Other real, human players were also getting ready for a race. We were getting ready to go!

The Magical Second Impression

I sat back down, controller in hand and realised I was actually about to play GTA Online for real. OK. What'd I need to do? The game was showing that I would be racing seven other characters, one of whom I think may have been the computer-controlled Lamar. The others were people. Maybe all seven were and Lamar didn't count? Not sure. I could also bet on myself. I bet $US100.

The race began and I was immediately left in the dust. Yes, even on day one, hour... three... I'm already being left in the dust in a multiplayer game. So it goes.

The race was a pretty simple checkpoint course through downtown Los Santos. We raced at night, though I'm not sure if the time of day was forced by the game or random. As I drove, I could hear Lamar taunt me.

I passed a couple of competitors, didn't come close to catching the lead one, saw some players drop out and ended up finishing fifth of... five.

After flashing the after-race match results, the game then loaded a cutscene of Lamar telling me to go get a drug package. I'm not sure if we were robbing people, reclaiming a robbed package or what.

I noticed that the two other guys Lamar was briefing looked familiar. Were they the other players from the parking lot? Yep.

I think the guy in the backseat wasn't into this, so as we slowed to make a turn, he jumped out of the back and tumbled into the middle of an intersection. Our driver was having none of it. He backed up over the other player. Horrible. Wonderful. So very GTA.

As soon as Lamar was talking I was back in control of my character and standing next to a car, ready for this mission. I pressed a button to drive, but my character got in the front passenger seat. One of the other players in this group took the driver seat. The third player got in the back. This was a pretty cool moment. See, none of us had manually grouped together. The game had just decided to keep us together to keep the story going.

The driver player was a bit of a hellion. He tore down the streets of Los Santos, following the GPS waypoint, which we could all see. I think the guy in the backseat wasn't into this, so as we slowed to make a turn, he jumped out of the back and tumbled into the middle of an intersection. Our driver was having none of it. He backed up over the other player. Horrible. Wonderful. So very GTA.

Now it was just me and the driver.

He drove us to the spot where the drug package was. It was in some garage or something. It looked like a rival gang had it. All computer-controlled. We jumped out of the car and started shooting. The guy with the package ran. I chased him, shot him and took it. The other player and I then hopped in the car. I drove this time, a little carelessly, and we got back to Lamar.

For this next cutscene, Lamar talked directly to my character. The other player was in the background. I wonder if that was different for him/her. Not sure.

Lamar made fun of me not talking, introduced us to a new character and then we were set free to buy some better clothes.

At that point, the game world opened up.

And at the very next moment, my former partner in crime, my reckless driver buddy, ran up behind me, punched me to death, stole my hat, I think, and ran away.


I guess he didn't care that the game's tutorial messages had indicated that we'd level up faster by doing missions in a group and level up even faster by doing them in a Rockstar Social Club-connected "crew". It wasn't meant to be.

This was nearly the end of my session, but one other funny thing happened. I guess because it was a player who killed me, I got a special post-death scene. The guy who runs the GTA V cult, Epsilon, showed up, floating in the sky, talking some new-age mumbo jumbo about being able to see everything. Really, this was just Rockstar's cheeky way of introducing the concept of a "passive" mode that lets you roam the game's open world without fear of being attacked. I heard him out, respawned, ran toward a clothing shop and pretty much ended things there.

As I was reluctantly turning the game off, I did check the map. You can see part of what I saw in the shot way up top. The other white dots were other players. I did try to approach one — I grabbed a motorcycle and started racing toward one. The other player, who was in a car, started racing away from me. But then I realised I was on a motorcycle. I had no gun. I wasn't going to win any confrontation. So I powered down.

And there you have it. A couple of hours of server trouble. About 10 minutes of playtime. The latter was quite fun. I want back in. I hope those servers can handle it.

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    QUICK TIP: Passive Mode means you can't get shot. But you can still get run down by a car!

    Also... been reading talk on Reddit about people buying in-game cash via the Social Club store for GTAO, then their character data gets corrupted and when they start a new character, all the money is gone.

    If this was EA taking our money then corrupting the purchase, the internet would be on FIRE.

      Ah yes, I started using that feature straight away. $100 investment! It then allows you to drive to an ATM to deposit your hard-earned cash.

      their character data gets corrupted and when they start a new character, all the money is gone

      Major issue if this is the case.

      Mind you, it's probably a bad idea to be using real cash right now, given all the server issues they're having. People should hold off for a bit.

        Or, you could use your phone to deposit money into your bank account.

        You're welcome

          On another note, are you on 360 or PS3?


            And yeah, when I found out you could deposit money via your phone I was stoked!

              Oh, can I add you to Live? What's your gamertag?

                Shadow Artiste, lemme know your gamertag so I know to accept (I get a lot of random requests). I'm part of the Potaku crew by the way

                What link are you talking about?

                  There's like a list somewhere of all the Kotaku people.

                  Also is there a link to the Kotaku/Potaku GTA crew?

                I dunno. I was just browsing the in game menus last night and saw bit that lists the crews your xbl friends are in and I saw Potaku and joined it

              Indeed. From what I've found, the login issues and timeout issues are mainly on the PS3 at this point. People on Xbox are still having congestion issues, make no mistake, but the PS3 fixes are going to take around 2 or 3 days.. so hopefully by this weekend the rest of us will be able to play as well.

          oh sweet, I was thinking we'd have to organise a group to try and deposit money cause there's already a lot of talk of people trolling ATMs.

            You know what would be great and terrible at the same time, if you go up to the ATM to deposit your cash and some guy jacks you and take your real money.

      Indeed but Im positive showing Rockstar a transaction record will fix this issue by emailing them etc. Rockstar did warn people straight up about all kinds of issues, they've been 110% transparent and upfront that there WILL be issues. People buying money in the first few hours seriously are doing so at a MASSIVE risk to themselves. I personally wont be buying money, I will be getting it via playing but also accept that for the first few weeks/months this is going to be buggy as shit.

        I appreciate some people don't have the spare time therefore microtransactions are good for them. But dude, I agree starting out as a low thug and earning your money the hard way is the only way to do it. Last night me and a bud got in a big truck and did a loop of the rural area robbing all the stores along the way and taking our truck off-road to shake the cops, all the while country music from rebel radio filled the vehicle. We each split 8K. It wasn't much but it was hilarious fun.

        To be honest, they shouldn't even have enabled real money purchases on day one. It was never going to end well.
        Let things settle down then turn on the micro-transactions.
        It's a bit annoying that rockstar seems to get a free pass for this while other companies get burned to the ground for screwing up an online release. For example, Diablo 3 and SimCity or even some of the earlier WoW releases.

          Your first sentence is my thoughts exactly. Even if they didn't predict the launch issues, purchases should have been disabled IMMEDIATELY after reports started of data corruption.

          Imho they shouldn't have real money transactions for this game at all. The fact is if the money can be earnt and theres no paywall restrictions, why is it there? All it does is put in a heirarchy. The haves and the have nots. However, there's a sub-heirarchy to consider. The elite players and the lamers. Those with money are likely to only have their equipment due to cash and not be very good, however those who worked for their shit, they're good, they're very good, they had to get their through sheer force of will and they're gonna be *feared*. Someone who worked up to getting a minigun is gonna be scarier to me with a pistol than someone toting an M60 who got it thanks to cash investments.

            95% of everything is level locked. So a level 1 can't drop $8 on a virtual $1M in-game cash and go buy a minigun, or a $1M bulletproof Veyrons and start griefing people.

            I think the store cash is good for people who want to experience the basic customization or are not very good at the game in general (you can blow your cash quickly if you keep dying), but don't have the time to grind for cash.

              Blow it faster if you keep blowing up other peoples cars... *looks ashamed* lol

              Which is a great example of a terrible pay to win model instead of a vanity item model. Pay for fancy cars or clothing or a house or something but not things that give a gameplay advantage on day 1 to a lvl 1 character.
              I really hope this stupid model causes GTA online to fail so that developers finally see that pay to win sucks balls.

                I think you misread my comment... it ISN'T a pay to win model because everything in the game is level locked. Get it?

    Laggy phone repost.

    Last edited 02/10/13 10:33 am

    Looking forward to more. Can't wait to play it myself. Sadly won't happen till Friday and possibly Saturday.

    Almost chucked a sickie to stay home and play today. Has anyone been able to launch and join games with friends yet? All I could do last night was play with randoms. Me and my buddy just wanna chill and cause some mayhem together.

      I played with friends for hours last night. HOWEVER: Jobs just refuse to load. Entering the job/quest circles has your character pull out their phone to load the mission, and within a few seconds he steps back out of the circle and the message is displayed:

      "failed to load job, please try again"

        I finally worked out how to start a friends only game haha. My buddy and I played for around six hours straight. Even managed a couple of jobs finally, but it was mainly just random robberies and craziness!

    The most disappointing thing about this launch is that there is literally no excuse. Hosting servers on a public cloud such as Amazon or Azure has been a "thing" for years now, effectively removing the cost for operating servers to cater for abnormally high traffic, since new servers can be created and destroyed as needed by demand.

    Not only that, but they have had 2 weeks of usage data of all online enabled consoles, which they could have easily used to predict the demand for the GTA Online launch.

    I sure hope game publishers take note for next-generation titles, ESPECIALLY for titles which require an Internet connection to be played, such as Destiny and The Division.

      People say this every time, and it happens again with the next game every time. Fact is, it's not nearly as simple as consumers think to make stable network services the first time around that can take 5 million people trying to connect simultaneously. It's something consumers are just going to have to stop being precious about and accept, because it's not going to change.

        Nothing wrong with that... It should be an expected problem on day one, but it's annoying that rockstar seem to get away with it while other companies get shat on for doing exactly the same thing.

          Rockstar get a bit of a pass due to the fact they made it public knowledge the first few days would be shithouse. EA said they had the infrastructure to cope. They didn't. So they got burnt. Rockstar said outright things would be crap and took accountability for it, they made it well known, so for that, for being stand up guys about it, that's why they get a bit of a free pass. If it goes on too long however, that's when shit changes.

            Exact same thing with Square Enix. They communicated and took the right steps and they got much, much less flak for it.

              Exactly. Full transparency with the community pays off. It's still frustrating and annoying for the players, but in the end Rockstar can still say 'Listen we've been telling you all along'.

        No, this is different, others launched an online game on day 1, with no real clue how many people would actually buy the game and play it. In this case, Rockstar has been recording gameplay statistics of everyone playing GTA V with an Internet connected console.

        They knew the install base figures, so they should have tested their servers for this kind of load, which is such a basic thing when it comes to engineering. You don't build a bridge that will support 50,000 cars a day if you know there will be 100,000.

        I'm not an "average consumer" I'm a C++ developer of a database solution, which is perhaps why I'm especially disappointed that they're not using industry standard practices to deal with the exact problem they're having right now.

        Last edited 02/10/13 11:22 am

          To be fair they've probably been busy doing all they can to anticipate the load as well as fixing bugs and beta testing and more. They've been open and transparent about the launch issues even before GTA-O was officially launched.

          Players need to stop being so prissy about launch issues of online games, it's really not a big deal especially if there's single player stuff to enjoy.

          And I'm sure your dbase solution hasn't loadtested something like 20 million concurrent connections.

            Obviously. But that's because we don't expect 20 million concurrent connections.

            Testing TeraText for 20 million concurrent connections would be like testing a sportscar for its structural integrity whilst travelling at Mach 1.

            If we were designing a solution to handle 20 million concurrent connections we would definitely make sure it could handle that load, just as a company making a supersonic vehicle would ensure structural integrity is maintained at supersonic speeds.

            Last edited 02/10/13 12:47 pm

              I'd bloody well hope that the people who made that vehicle had plenty of real-life experience testing that vehicle and building others, including a test flight without people. Which means the analogy doesn't really hold unless you expect Rockstar to employ 20 million people to test it out beforehand. The more complicated the engineering, the more difficult testing scenarios are to build.

          What industry standard practices do you think apply to this? For that matter, what do you think exactly is involved in the software for a multiplayer system like this? No disrespect intended, but TeraText isn't exactly in the same ballpark as network gaming. I think you're seriously underestimating what's involved and what pitfalls can arise.

            Designing a solution to scale horizontally, using a cloud provider which allows for instantaneous spinning up of new servers when demand increases, using appropriate data structures to perform matchmaking; preferably cache-aware, O(1) time-performance and lock-free, as well as testing for anticipated load.

            The actual game servers are peer to peer (run on a user's machine), they are not the issue. The sole issue is the matchmaking servers, which has been done successfully by other games with a number of users in the same order of magnitude, such as Call of Duty.

            The fact that they're adequately recording gameplay statistics with the Social club shows that this problem is purely down to a failure in the matchmaking infrastructure.

              Sorry, but it's not that simple.

              1. Rockstar IS using a cloud system. Leslie Benzies said in a recent interview they're using Social Club servers to create a cloud spread across multiple sites in the US.

              2. Games aren't peer-to-peer, they're server based. 3DJuegos asked the question of whether dedicated servers would be used and Benzies replied yes, it would use traditional servers in the cloud.

              3. Recording a tiny quantity of data sent periodically through the XBL network for Social Club stats is not in any way comparable to handling realtime multiplayer data.

              Again, you're seriously underestimating the challenges involved in writing network gaming software. This is an area you have no experience in, so with due respect, don't be so quick to criticise the people who do.

                1. Using a private cloud still means that they will be hesitant to buy extra servers to cater for demand because afterwards they would be sitting idle. They should at the very least, be using a public cloud provider to cater for emergency demand.

                2. I stand corrected.

                3. If they are using a horizontally scaling cloud solution the number of concurrent players shouldn't matter, a server only needs to handle 16 players at a time. Regardless, it's not the realtime gameplay this is failing, it's the matchmaking.

                I'm mainly disappointed because the singleplayer experience was so well executed and polished, while the online experience is broken at the first hurdle. Also I clearly do have knowledge in the subject area, and saying that Rockstar should be immune to criticism is bizarre. I love Rockstar, and Grand Theft Auto V is amazing; but the matchmaking services supporting Grand Theft Auto Online clearly weren't ready for launch (and Rockstar knew this would be the case), and that deserves criticism.

                  We don't know if the cloud itself is overloaded (ie. a hardware problem) or if it's caused by networking or software bottlenecks.

                  With point 3, you seem to think it's just a matter of scale but it isn't, the code behaviour is completely different between the two scenarios. For the Social Club, there's barely anything to it beyond receiving a packet of statistics from the player and storing them in a database. For multiplayer it's a lot more complex, with a few hundred tasks from multi-client synchronisation to server-side game logic and cheat detection.

                  - I'm not saying Rockstar is immune to criticism, I'm saying your particular criticism is unsound.
                  - I don't think it's clear what knowledge you have in the subject area. Could you enlighten me? Your site says you're a third year student with less than a year of commercial experience, working as an intern on a mature database product. I didn't see anything that really shouts 'strong networking knowledge' or 'game development knowledge', either there or here.

                  @zombiejesus I'm not talking about the gameplay servers, from what I've heard, they are fine. My criticism is of the matchmaking services, which appears to be where all the failures are occurring.

                  Matchmaking really isn't complicated like gameplay is. Matchmaking servers don't need to manage synchronizing player movements, ping compensation, dead reckoning, shared AI + physics, cheat detection or game logic. And this is what is failing.


                  Fair enough, but it's still a little more complicated than the typical matchmaking you might find in Call of Duty. If it's server-based as they say, it's likely much closer to how Diablo 3 works. Resources need to be allocated on the cloud somewhere, a session needs to be initialised, etc. There are probably a set of rules relating to when sessions are closed, idle timeouts or whatever. I haven't logged into it yet but if it allows private sessions like D3 does, I could see that easily blowing out session pools if it wasn't anticipated.

                  I'm not contesting they could have done better. I just don't agree that it's something that could have been as easily avoided as you implied in your first comment. I don't know any company that's had a solid online launch, even Blizzard with all their experience still had trouble with D3 for the first few days. It might seem like there are relatively easy solutions, but in practice it doesn't work out that way.

    Logged onto a server with ten people playing and no missions or jobs available. Logged out and the 'intro' started playing, then dumped me on Hollywood Blvd (or whatever the LS version is) and told me to head to the blue marker. There was no blue marker anywhere, and the wayfinder on the GPS kept sending me in a small loop right back to my current position where it would reset and send me in the same loop again. Couldn't get into any cars, use a weapon or my phone. Had to reset the xbox to leave the game. Not a great first impression, I have to say.

    I did all that intro, went into a team deathmatch game and killed all players buy myself, making them all dislike me, but then the servers crapped out. But not for roaming, but for all other gametypes. I had fun spending hours holding up stores, but then I noticed that many players were just killing each other because they had nothing else to do. Someone in my crew even stated that, if the missions were working he would be doing that with us, but since they weren't, griefing.

    I had a lot of fun stalking white dots around the map, hiding behind cover, trying to remain unseen and then capping them at an opportune moment. You know they know you're there because you can all see each other's dots on the map, but when they can't see you or you can't see them in-game the tension really mounts.

    I found a lot of players just running about freely so if you pay just a bit of attention to moving carefully and taking cover you can have a lot of fun stalking the other players around the map and catching them by surprise. It's going to become really interesting once people start getting sniper rifles.

    Im in a WA xbox crew called waxlan.....waxl if anyone is interested

    "A couple of hours of server trouble. About 10 minutes of playtime. The latter was quite fun."

    How the fudge does that warrant 'superb'. Seriously.

    Last edited 02/10/13 12:28 pm

    I'm still trying to figure out if it was a server glitch or I just got really lucky. But I think I got the world record for that first race, at least it came up saying I beat the world record and when setting up racing lobbies you can compare times with friends, crew members and the "world record".
    My time was 2:42.4 btw

    Yup.. with 25 million copies sold worldwide and not all of them mature people.. in fact GTA leads to a lot of immature behaviour in its own right, the online experience in a public matchup is going to be inconsistent at best.. within the confines of a friends-only matchup, this is going to be great.

      Just kick or report the player.

        how do you kick? couldn't work that out last night.

          I'm at work and have trouble remembering at the moment. But I think it's press start and select the 'Players' tab and the option is half way down that list.

    Doing better than me. Last night I got into a lobby of people waiting for the race a couple of times before going to the loading screen and never finishing, or waiting for players and never finishing. This morning I tried a couple of times, got into a lobby and then kicked by other players, wtf, then tried again and just went to waiting for other players forever. Now trying to load up solo mode and it just sits there loading forever. The only online launch I can ever think of being this bad is GTA4. Pick up your game rockstar!

    What a disaster, I do not see this magically fixing itself any time soon unless people just give up.
    They should have:
    A)Just spent some of that BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS renting more servers
    B)Had a staggered release by region
    C)At the very least implemented a queue system so I don't have to watch Micheal do his daily routine as I try in vain to go online.

    @boomzzilla (this was supposed to be in reply to you but got posted separately somehow)

    Well, on your first point, based on typical breakdown, here's how it works out. $1B is a sales figure, so it breaks down like this:

    - 15% (about $150M) goes off the top to sales tax. That's roughly the average sales tax in the US. Some states and some countries are higher or lower but it's a good general figure.
    - 25% (about $250M) goes to retail revenue.
    - 20% (about $200M) goes to the platform, Microsoft or Sony, as standard royalties.
    - 7% (about $70M) goes to marketing and distribution costs.
    - 5% (about $50M) goes to manufacturing costs.

    (Despite having similar names, Rockstar does have separate publisher and studio wings. Rockstar Games is the publisher, and Rockstar North is the studio. It's not clear how much Rockstar Games would take so I won't include it in the figures, but I'd be surprised if it was any less than 5%. More likely 10-15%.)

    Of the remainder (about 28% of the total or $280M), about half of that is taxable at 20% (that's after all the tax breaks, normal US corporate income tax is 35%) so that's roughly $50M, so that's about what, $230M remaining.

    From a recent article, GTA5 cost $292M to make. So despite how big a billion in sales sounds, after everyone takes their piece of the pie it's only about 80% of how much the game cost to make. Sure, they'll make a profit fairly soon, but it's worth keeping in mind that there are a lot of fingers in the pie, and once everyone's had their fill the developer tends to get very little.

    Last edited 02/10/13 3:37 pm

    Eh what's your Gamertag Totilo?

    Coz you know, I'm sure that dude who jumped out was me?! No joke - that rang a bell str8 away, how meta is that!? (blonde hair, black cap, looks like a skater-Eminem ripoff :P)

    ("Hyperx64" is my gamertag)

      nah, maybe not, must of been another jumper - I did it first though (invented it) :P I got on str8 after the update last night so probably would of been in one of the first instances. Was going well for about an hour, then froze... was great to see everyone running around like turkeys.

      One thing creepy is when you are shopping for clothes when someone is in the shop too - character just stares into the wall...

    Everyone just needs to chill out and wait, after witnessing the connection problems last night, I am just going to give it a few days/a week before I even worry about it. I want to make sure that when I get on, it works 100% and there won't be any boot outs or connection problems losing my hard earned cash.. Also, if any PS3 folks are looking for a crew, search for Sons of Disparity, we're open and looking for muscle! :)

    This online nonsense corrupted my single player. Over 25 hours gone in an instant. Serves me right for thinking I could play a single player game without any hassle these days.

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