If You Can't Pull Off These Awesome GTA Stunts, Try Using Moon Gravity

A month into its release, most everyone has figured out that every curb is an opportunity for an insane stunt jump in Grand Theft Auto V — with or without the moon gravity cheat enabled. Some of the drivers behind the stunts in this video say they pulled off these feats without using Moon Gravity, and yes, some of them are in GTA Online, where cheats cannot be enabled.

What do you think? Can you drive along the side of a highway overpass without a cheat enabled? Let me know, because it doesn't seem possible to me.

How do you enable Moon Gravity? Glad you asked: Left Left LB RB LB Right Left LB Left. LB and RB on PS3 are L1 and R1, of course.

With or without it, you can land some insane tricks in the game — like launching yourself to the top of suspension bridges and water towers. The only thing wrong with this video is the soundtrack: My Darkest Days, aka the Canadian Creed.


    The music is really bad, I will never understand why people like this music, use this music in montages and again, like this music.

    I will admit; the one where they are going along underneath the bridge (past all the trolls) was rather impressive!

    Why does the video look so blurry, like it has some sort of filter on it.

    He managed to land most of those jumps pretty cleanly, I'm impressed!

    This is awesome. Can you use some cheats in Online Mode?! Or is it a Private Session only thing?

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