Grand Theft Auto V Will Never Run Out Of Myths To Bust

There are some serious injustices in the latest episode of Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters. As a result of this video I have lost all faith in the abilities of the Los Santos Police Force to do their duty.

Get this, if you bump another car directly into a nearby cop car, the police will get out of their cars with and blast a shotgun directly into poor bastard who has been knocked into the cop car. Through no fault of his own this poor Los Santos civilian is being forced to eat a shotgun. Bloody cops! Don't they have the ability to show restraint! To assess the situation before going in guns blasting?

Has Los Santos developed an entire police force full of McGarnigals?


    That first myth brings a whole new level to the TAY Bike gang i think...
    damn now i might actually have to get the game for sheer shenanigans

    The one about bumping another car into the cops and the cops then chasing them, isn't a new one. That's been around since the previous San Andreas, maybe even earlier.

    As for the riding the bike on the bizjet, that was okay, If they wanted to be really impressive, seeing him get sucked into the engine and shot out as snarge would have been cool!

    you can also punch the back of Titan's open and load em full of bikes or a car or 2 and fly around. Me and some friends ambushed another crew doing this, the pilot did a low fly over and we all bailed in vehicles, hilarity ensued

    These are really great, but they really need to change the name from 'Mythbusters' to 'did you know you could ...'

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