'GTA: Australia' Has The Same Old GTA Problems

Weird animation issues? Check. Crazy civilians? Check. Australians buying drugs and... wait a minute.

Only once has the GTA series left American shores. I can't see it happening again, and if it did, it won't come to Australia. But a man can dream. And so can these guys.

The Thing About GTA V... [Max & Sam]


    I'm not sure why, but I found the way the hairdresser bobs while waiting hilarious.

    A few easy targets, but a good video overall.

    I lol'd quite a few times. Well done Max and Sam.

    No GTA: Australia?

    Just wait. In 2025 on the 10th anniversary of 2nd American Civil War, and the Beneficent and Merciful Intervention, the People's Republic of Pacifica's Ministry of Cultural Preservation will accept a petition for a western-style video-game to be made.

    It will most likely take place in Australia, documenting the based-on-a-true-story tale of one young American refugee's struggle to make a living in the megaslums of Sydberra, trying to survive not only the open racism from a country which doesn't want his people there, but also escape the bitter and violent fallout of his peoples' warring gangs; Dems and Pubs locked in unquenchable blood feuds over the legacy of a country that no longer exists.

    Hmmm, didn't expect to enjoy this, but I giggled. Nice work.

    Most of the jokes could be applied to GTA IV as well, going to the hairdressers was also similar in San Andreas.

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