GTA Girl Shows Too Much Skin (Fixed)

GTA Girl Shows Too Much Skin (Fixed)

"GTA Girl" — as in, the girl you see on the disc of Grand Theft Auto V — sports typical beach attire. A bikini. Problem is, that get-up might show a bit more skin than some are comfortable with...

GTA Girl Shows Too Much Skin (Fixed)
GTA Girl Shows Too Much Skin (Fixed)

Welp. Problem solved!


    Pleasantly surprised that a Hernandez article wasn't faux outrage over an slightly sexualised image.

    Also, putting 'moderated' status on any person because they get too many downvotes is pretty silly. The downvote should be used to show agreement / disagreement with a point, not as a moderation tactic. That's what reporting is for.

    Funnily enough, this type of thing is common place in the middle east. Magazines have people who do the same type of "scribbling" on the pages to keep the way of life over there.

    Didnt they use ps2 parts to make their targeting systems in some rockets?......probably an old wives tail but one that stuck with me for some reason

      Who is they?

        Someone making their own targeting system, but It was so long ago i cant fully remember. I just remember being fasinated by the fact you could do that with a PS2

          I remember this. I suspect it was a marketing ploy perpetuated by Sony - "our console is powerful enough to guide cruise missiles". I remember it being banned somewhere because of this possibility and Sony ran with it.

            Thats right.... It wasnt north korea was it?

              We were close!

                Oh the posibility for so many jokes......US invades any country that imports more PS's than xbox's lol

    God I'm glad this is a joke. I don't think I could handle any more fucking hand-wringing over exposed skin.

    Check out those wrists.........she's asking for trouble.

      Though in all fairness... That's some pretty sexy wrist action goin' on there!

        Strong wrists and small hands are important features :P

    GTA girl shows too much skin? No such thing. In fact I'm surprised that some horny teen with Photoshop hasn't made a version of this girl with her boobies out.

      You spoke too soon.

      A simple google search produced this.

      Click if you dare.

      You know someone was at least drawing nipples on her the second that picture was published.

    Muslim men are secretly gay ..they keep it on the DL

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