GTA Online Is Now Live On Xbox Live And PSN [Update]

GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live

The multiplayer portion of GTA V, dubbed Grand Theft Auto Online, is now live on Xbox Live. PSN should be getting it shortly.

Update: GTA Online is also now available on PSN.

The update is 59MB and GTA Online comes via a title update in the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live

After you install that update, you will unlock GTA Online in the Grand Theft Auto V game menu. Then, you can enter the game with the fourth (bottom) slot in the GTA V character wheel or via an online tab when GTA V is paused.

Here's a first look at Grand Theft Auto Online:

GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live
GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live

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    It's been online for fifteen minutes or so now. Three people I know haven't made it in yet.

    [Update] A fourth reports "All's good".

    Last edited 01/10/13 8:59 pm

      I stuck it out for a couple of hours with 2 friends, all of us having various system fails and crashes.

      I managed to get about 30-40 minutes of gameplay in I reckon. It's fine but not as good as the single player. City has way less cars and pedestrians, and the cars that are there are sucky. The fastest I could find was a banshee.

      Plus, it has a new 'feature' where high end cars have to be purchased to own them. Otherwise as soon as cops see you (and cops seem to be 1/3 of the leftover traffic) you get 1 star wanted level instantly.

      So far, even ignoring the bugs, I'd say this was about a 4/10 for me.

      Last edited 02/10/13 8:40 am

    Thanks for all those blurry photos of TV screens.

      You can almost hear the frantic 'fapping' sound in the background when they were taken...

    Just black screen after hitting okay to patch on PSN :/

    Can't get online. Sessions keep timing out. Although, I'm not surprised for a major launch, I just wish I had more to do in the offline game.

    Can't do the tutorial race, waiting for other players...

      Yeah same problem here, me and our crew leader were the first to try, and we're not in yet while others have got it instantly. Sat on the Waiting for other players for 10 minutes or so, got nothing. Dashboarded and come back a few times, still no luck. All expected problems i know, but frustrating regardless.

        Grand Theft auto, waiting for a mate.

      Wait, just got it. Took at least 5 minutes.

        Mine sat on Launching session for a good 20 minutes. Didn't connect :(

          quick restart of my play-station fixed that one. However it took a little while on the terms & conditions screen.

    Won't even let me make a character, so I back out into single player and I'm stuck on Michael, no character selection wheel at all WTF.

    Edit: Dashboarded out and started it back up, character selection wheel is back, still keep getting the Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable message when I try to go online though. Oh well, I think I'll just hunt down some letter scraps tonight.

    Last edited 01/10/13 9:30 pm

    The servers are being overloaded me thinks!

    I finished the tutorial race than the rock star cloud servers went down now I can't even get on.

    That's what I get for trying to do this on day 1 I guess.

    Aaaaand BAWSAQ is down now.

    Well, given errors everyone seems to be having I don't feel quite so bad that my copy still hasn't arrived in the post.


    So far its ok, apart from the occasional hiccup. What I don't like however is the character creation, the grandparents are so small its hard to tell what they look like really. Heck I even have a 65inch TV.

    Last edited 01/10/13 9:37 pm

      Yeah didn't really care much for that on my 42inch. I just randomized my guy til he looked kinda ok haha.

    I got in but it told me I couldn't save character, so its dropping people into a temporary world where they can run free and cause mayhem. Loads of fun. Killed 3 guys who were trying to hunt me down with pistols. I had the preorder shotguns and .50 cal pistol lol. One came driving at me, shotgunned him in the head as he drove past, he barreled into a wall flinging him out of his seat lol. The other two were in the same car, kept shooting it with my 50 cal pistol, eventually blew that sucker up.

    Turns out they had customised cars haha I had to pay the insurance premium!?!?!?!?

      My friend logged into something similar to what you describe and the first thing he did was beat two guys to death with his fists. I had a laughing fit.

    Grabbed it. Jumped into the first race and listened to a guy talking to his mum for a few then he starts calling everyone else who is waiting rather rude names.

    Figure I'd pack it in and try in a day or 2.

    Perhaps the strangest character creation ever...

      Indeed, yet so awesome!!! Apparently you can take your own characters you create and later on use them as the grandparents etc.

        I'm not finding it very awesome at all. I mean, it's a cool IDEA, but the result is the definition of unintuitive. Also, the preview looks nothing like the finished result once you're walking around, for some reason. Resolution issues? I dunno.

        Sorry, but by strange I mean absolute garbage. I would like a character that at least looks like me, but there are far too many variables in the heritage tab and when I change the lifestyle stats the character changes again anyway be it appearance or clothing. Why not keep the lifestyle tab and stat system, but give us freedom to make what we want to make and dress from a selection of the starter clothes. I never thought anyone could do worse than EA's sports game CC's but there it is

          I get it but it's not a deal breaker for me. No character on there's ever going to look like me either and I'm caucasian, they can't get even the caucasian details correct, but then, it's stylised. I just roll with it and accept that. My characters ugly facial features don't stop me enjoying the game.

          So if something doesn't cater to your ridiculously specific tastes then it's the worst thing ever? You are internet.

            No I am a human with an opinion. I am not the only one either, the CC has confused a great many fans who have been asking why such a system was introduced in the first place. The stat distribution based on lifestyle was awesome, I cannot deny that, but why have a system where your carefully crafted character is nearly completely erased once you choose your life style? I went from a darker skinned alternative lad to a black gang banger when I shifted a few hours around, forcing me to go back and change my parents multiple times. If the parents/grandparents play no actual part in the game itself aside from your visual appearance, why not use those resources to give players a more detailed feature option. (Not to mention that most have noticed you end up looking nothing like your choices in game anyway)


    i did get all the menus and saw my charater on the street before it said disconnected from cloud

    Last edited 01/10/13 10:36 pm

    Anyone else's 360 locking up when trying to connect? As in proper dashboard level lock ups so you can't even load the guide to quit out.

    The faces need some work though, there's some proper exploitation movie freaks when randomising. Also, are there Asian faces? I can't say I saw any but given the tiny grandparent images its hard to tell & everything else is derived from it.

    Yep, I've had three system crashes since patching. First one whilst trying to load, second one during character creation, third during the intro video. Any others experiencing crashes?

    Usual server load issues. Going to try again in the morning.

    Turns out people don't like it when you shoot out their tires as they speed past, missing you, causing them to spin out and fly off a ramp into traffic below...

    Who knew!?

    Tried to connect 15 times over a 40 minute period. Kept booting me to seeing Michael doing shit. Any other game I'd be pissed, but it's not too bad. Thinking of giving it up for tonight though.

    Attempts to connect
    wait for 20 minutes
    fails to connect
    cry's deeply

    no one I know has been able to get on, but I have because it glitched when it loaded up and didn't show the marker to start the first race, so now i can just free roam but not actually do missions

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