GTA Online Will Launch Tonight

GTA Online Will Launch Tonight

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a couple of weeks, but a big chunk of the game — the entire multiplayer part, actually — was missing at launch. Tonight, the ambitious GTA Online multiplayer suite launches as a free download for anyone who owns the base game. Tonight at 9PM AEST, to be more specific.

In a sizeable update to the company blog, Rockstar has laid out a bunch of guidelines for players to get ready for to take GTA V online. Right up front, they made it clear that they’re not entirely sure when the online component will launch, though they’re pegging it for sometime in the early morning on October 1 (or 9PM tonight AEST):

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with your copy of Grand Theft Auto V. On October 1st there will be a small downloadable Title Update released on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Upon installation of that Title Update, direct access to begin GTA Online will be unlocked in your GTAV game menu. You will be able to jump right into GTA Online via the 4th (bottom) slot in your GTAV character wheel.

We’ve received many questions asking for a specific confirmation of what exact time GTA Online will be available but of course this is contingent on both Title Updates becoming available on each console’s network. As a general timeframe, we do expect the Title Update to become available on PSN and Xbox LIVE starting around 7AM ET tomorrow morning, and your best bet is to stay tuned throughout the day here at the Rockstar Newswire and by following us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be keeping everyone updated.

GTA Online Details: Game Day Access Info and More [Rockstar]


  • I’m confused, didn’t Rockstar say that it was out on the 2nd in Australia? Also, The Guild Of Calamitous Intent is our crew – Evil you can trust. Look us up on the RS Socal Network if you’re interested.

  • I’m gonna wait a week or 2 and see how Rockstar handles the overload of players trying to gain access to Multiplayer. That and I still need some solid time on the Campaign 🙂

  • Why did my xbox have to get the RROD last week from playing too much GTAV 🙁 Right after I bought an xbox live subscription to play GTAV online!


    • The Xbox Live subscription (and my lack of a PS3) is the major reason why I will be waiting for the PC release to hook this monster.

      • I wanted to wait for PC but couldn’t hold out. So i dusted off the xbox for it’s first use in many years. Atleast I got to finish the story mode before it died.

  • Im a little hesitant to jump on this right away. Im mega hyped for it but i’d be surprised if it went off without a hitch considering how many players they need to consolidate.
    I’ve got plenty of singleplayer left so i’m not too worried about waiting.

  • Title Update?? What’s that?

    Also.. Hopefully my new Yamaha home theater system will arrive today and then I might, just might, be able to get a quick 30 mins of Online gameplay in if I am extremely lucky.

    • I’ll tell you what it better not be one of those crap 4MB updates that you have to re-download if you’ve played other games in the interim

  • Since GTA:O is having a hereditary character customisation instead of a normal one does this mean that all Rockstar games are in the same universe? You can have John Marston as your ancestors and GTA:O is in canon with GTA5.

    • Nope. The GTA series has 3 separate universes/canons; the 2D universe (GTA 1, GTA 2, and the London games), the 3D universe (GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA Advance and the City Stories games), and the HD universe. The HD universe currently contains all GTA games (and only GTA games) from GTA IV onwards, which also includes Chinatown Stories. While there are certainly references/easter eggs related to other Rockstar games in GTA IV and GTA V (like reappearances of radio personalities from the 3D universe), Rockstar has stated that this does not make the games they reference part of the HD Universe canon.

  • Dammit, I moved house recently so am waiting on getting my ADSL connected. I just finished the main missions too.. I’m thinkin either try to get 100% or maybe do a whole new play through choosing the different heist options.

  • Based on the results of Rockstars launch of the iOS ifruit companion app, I would suggest to be prepared to not being able to play GTA Online for at least the next week.

    • Way I figure, the game made $1 billion in sales in what? 3 days? There’s definitely gonna be a human traffic jam like a Japanese Shinkansen over the next few days. It’ll be good once they sort out the launch day(s) kinks though!

    • Just gonna point out that the Social Club (iFruit app) servers are completely unrelated to the game servers.

  • I’ll save jumping onto this until I can get my goddamn instruction book.

    I like the game and all but for fuck’s sake. I can’t get an instruction booklet this long after launch? It’s a friggin PDF!

      • My instruction booklet was all of 2 pages. The one that came with the game that is.

        All the tutorials are in-game.

      • The tutorials disappear and are so buried in the menus that the Android app with the 200 page game book would be a great help. Doesn’t help when someone picks up the game for the first time in 4 days and has to do something that they’ve only done for 5 minutes last week.

        The game app doesn’t work properly on the platform it is on and the majority of users can’t even download the book or the app. Pretty bloody slipshod for a company making the most expensive game of all time.

        • I’m assuming you’re talking about the strategy guide. I picked up a limited edition one last friday. But I didn’t even look through it until I finished the story. I only got it to help me find all the spaceship parts, letter scraps, stunt jumps etc. and to go with my Collector’s Edition of the game.

          • Nope. I’m talking about the huge game companion book released by Rockstar that’s available for free to all GTAV users. Except it isn’t. Because they’ve decided that the GTAV app and the instruction book are iOS only until they get their shit together.
            Seeing they don’t have their shit together on iOS yet, I’m assuming making the android app is going to happen some time in the far future. Make the dog a useless shit until he’s trained? Fine. I’m happy to play GTAndogs. It’s a silly and fun diversion that helps me out in-game. Oh, I can’t do it until further notice? Then why make this shit so integrated with the game?

            Hell, it doesn’t even really bother me that much. It’s not even really that I don’t get the game integration. It’s that I don’t get a basic book that should come with every single game ever. This is the biggest game ever, made by a company famous for incredible attention to detail, and yet they can’t make an Android app to display a map and a book.

          • Actually, yeah… I noticed that too. Although, I tried using my wife’s ipad to grab ifruit to train Chop and got nothing. I didn’t realise they’d had problems with ifruit though. I’ve had a look online to find info on training chop and came up with zip, so I gave up. From what I understand though, you can only train him via the real world ifruit app for IOS (and android, coming soon-ish, allegedly). However, and this is going via talk on the GTA forums, if you can get the app working, none of what you do in the app currently has any in-game effect. So there’s a definite disconnect right now, but whether Online becoming available has any effect on this or if this is a separate issue for Rockstar to fix is anyone’s guess right now.

            So, to recap: All I know for certain is, right now, the only way to train chop is via the app and the app isn’t communicating with the game. So I think the companion book might be a bit of a pipe dream. It’s a bit shit that they’ve potentially limited this to iphone users for now, possibly android users in the near, but indeterminate future. What about the rest of us who don’t use either apple, nor android? But hey, what with practically everyone on the planet owning this, Online coming, err… online tonight and the memories of the Sim-City launch still fresh in everyone’s minds, I can sort of understand how this is one of the things that’s slipped through the cracks.

          • The whole thing just seems really under prepared and amateurish to me. You’d think they would want as smooth a launch as possible. It’s not like they don’t have the finances or manpower to deliver.

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    • “Serious” gamers are the worst.. Please let games be games, not work, or go back to WoW lol..

  • Four days of destruction for me, then I disappear to Outlook in search of adventure. First week players can argue with the servers on my behalf, because I’ll be oblivious to it all.

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    • I reckon GTA, everyone knows the bf4 beta will be buggy so when everyone jumps on GTA:O it’s gonna crap itself

  • Why isn’t online working?? I have done my character and shit, but it takes me back to the campaign??!

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