GTA V's Sex And Violence Toned Down In Japan

Two weeks back, I picked up a Japanese copy of Grand Theft Auto V and began leisurely working my way through the game. After a few hours of playing it, I started to notice that some things were curiously missing in the sex and violence department. [Note: Video is NSFW and contains major spoilers for GTA V.]

That's not to say that sex and violence are completely cut from the game — it is Grand Theft Auto after all — but the most extreme examples have their fair share of cuts and edits in the Japanese version.

To see some of the most egregious edits I have found in action, check out the video above.

(And if you are wondering why the Japanese footage is in English with English subtitles, it's because the Japanese game always has English voices but allows you to pick the subtitle language. I picked English.)

Kotaku has contacted the game's creators at Rockstar, asking the reason for these cuts and edits in the Japanese version of the game but have yet to receive a response. This article will be updated if and when a reply is received.


    Wow, that's really something in terms of censoring the game, and people say Australia is bad when it comes to censoring games :S


    While Jp does actually have a reputation for having a really out there adult market (eroge and whatnot) those games actually have their own seperate rating - the EOCS.

    My theory is the censorboard might have though those scenes were "graphic" enough to actually push the game past their normal Z category into EOCS territory. A quick look at most Z rating games is basically just high end violence w/ very little sexual content.

    An EOCS rating is basically going to kill GTA commercially since it cannot be stocked on "normal" gaming shelves as its a rating reserved for "adults only" material

      It's possible Rockstar just pre-emptively removed any content they thought could potentially cause a problem.

    its missing half the games cutscenes lol

    Wasn't this posted yesterday, but with a longer comments section debating the culture bound differences in censorship???

    Last edited 27/10/13 4:57 pm

    The voice over commentary is quite distracting, and kind of creepy.

    GTA V porn >

    So women having sex with an Octopus = OK.
    Animated sex, only showing Trevs ass = Oh hell no.

    They also censored the nipples in the strip club by putting some awful low res stickers over them.

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