Hacker Claims League Of Legends Maker Buried A Finished Card Game [UPDATE]

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Someone has claimed to hack the Twitter account of the president and co-founder of Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, using it to publish images and templates from a completed-but-unreleased League of Legends card-based game. "Riot doesn't want you to play this game," said "Jason," the hacker.

The breach occurred today at 1:16 p.m. EDT, with the following:

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The hacker then linked a picture of placeholder login screen artwork for "League of Legends: Supremacy," seen above. That name was registered as a trademark (and in a series of web domains) by Riot Games a year ago, which gathered some attention at the time. Speculation had it that the name referred to a mode within the main League of Legends game, and little more was said after that.

"It's a standalone game," said the hacker in this tweet. "I have the server and client source."

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Later he added:

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As further proof, "Jason" posted imgur galleries of the deck's card templates and text icons

"Jason" later made this threat.

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He then backed off that threat, saying about an hour after the takeover "I have decided to give marc his twitter back."

Kotaku emailed a Riot Games representative to inquire about the breach, the veracity of the images and Riot's plans for any new League of Legends game under the name Supremacy. We'll update this story with any reply we receive.

[UPDATE]: Merrill has retaken control of his account and deleted the hacker's Tweets, but confirmed that someone else took control the feed.

As for "League of Legends: Supremacy," Merrill said the images in question are old and experimental in nature, and not evidence of any game that was due for release.

We're always working on a variety of new ideas for League & beyond. Lots of experimentation that may never see the light of day :) — Marc Merrill (@MarcMerrill) October 13, 2013

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    So Riot built a card game, but buried it... Maybe they didn't want to be seen as "copying Blizzard".

    Honestly, the internet needs more online based card games. Magic has been very successful with their one on Steam/XBLA/PSN, the Pokemon TCG Online is a great way to play (plus the whole buying real packs and getting a free online pack is a great way to get your moneys worth at both ends) and Blizzard is looking to make mega bucks with Hearthstone.

    With LoL being the mega popular game that it is these days, why not go down this route and work out a good way to make it worth players money?

      It really annoys me when people do this "copying Blizzard" stuff. Blizzard's card game isn't even out ... yet their competitor Everquest and Everquest 2 has had a card game for years now. Suddenly a card game is "copying Blizzard."

      There are many comparisons one could make between Blizzard and Apple, and I suppose I'll be the Android guy saying "but they didn't do it first. Android / Nokia / WM / etc did it first" and maybe people will understand why I get annoyed at it.

        He might have been referring to the physical card game in the first line? I dunno.

      You should take a look at "Infinity Wars". I'm not a TCG kinda guy, but it seemed to be blowing up on twitch.tv over the weekend :)

    Wait so this guy feels entitled to a game that the company didn't want to release?

    Perhaps there are crippling bugs, perhaps they don't know how they are going to make money with it. Servers cost money to maintain, which I feel a lot of F2Pers seem to forget.

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