Here's A Need For Speed Trailer That Doesn't Star Jesse Pinkman!

Yay science! A lot of pre-render in this Need for Speed: Rivals trailer, but it still looks good. And yeah, piss on those cops. These wilful speed competitions only become dangerous when The Man tries to shut them down.


    Looks really good I just don't know if I can tear myself away from Forza 5 to get this...

    Perfect for Ps4 fangirls they will have a next gen racer to actually buy at launch thanks to no AAA next gen racers

    I'm sure it will be just as bad as Most Wanted was.. Make a real NFS game not a Burnout game with the NFS name on it

      Exactly. I'd love to see Shift 3:Hot Pursuit. Or even better Grid 3:Hot Pursuit.

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