Here's An Xbox One The Size Of 50 People

Here's An Xbox One The Size Of 50 People

Why is there a giant Xbox One in Vancouver? Why is it in a parking lot? Is it functional? Can it play Titanfall? Does it require an Internet connection to use? Is it sold without Kinect?

These are just some of the questions we have to ask here. Seems like it's part of some marketing scheme. No word on where we can find the accompanying 500-yard television.

(Photo via The Verge)


    If that's a public parking area that I used when I'm at work, I'd be pissed.

      I'm wondering kotakus response if Sony did this ?

      "Super awesome giant console in RL"

      They are so professional some times

      Id be like "does it have AAA games"
      Does it have exclusives, a controller that doesn't look like two dongs joined together, decent quality online gaming
      Anything that sets itself apart from previous iterations

      particularly if you were in that red car. Also where's the giant who is going to play it? Or is it just a massive useless brick that doesnt do anything...

    Jokes on you Xbox one buyers... That's the ACTUAL size of the console

    Isn't that the actual size of the original Xbox? Hiyoooooo

      Damn it - beat me to it. lol :P

      Put down a PS3 60gb launch model pretty sure that was bigger

      That's the solution they came up with to prevent a repeat of the 360's heat problems.

    Did anyone else notice that car on the left side of the photo that's pushed into the fence?
    I hope for their sake the fence wasn't there before they parked... It probably was though...

    it would be cool (and smart) if this was a demountable, with sets of xbones, tvs and couches inside for people to come in and try out

      It probably does have Xbox one demo stands around due to the fact it's part of their Xbox One Tour

    Who wants to be that guy on the news who crashes their vehicle into the giant VCR

    That's one big red light of death

    looks like NSA built themselves a new supercomputer

    Its called #XboxOneSource so obviously HL3 confirmed

    Xbone, now with 50000 TB of unnecessary hard drive space.

    I'll take it, no Kinect in sight.

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