Here's The First New Star Wars Character Since Disney Took Over

Here's The First New Star Wars Character Since Disney Took Over

He's called The Inquisitor. He hunts Jedi. He's a Darth Vader sidekick.


    Let me guess, He wants to play a little game?

    Grade fuckin A journalism there Plunkett.

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      Publishing error cut off the actual post.

      Grade fuckin A manners you've got there, anonymous internet person.

      Edit: OK, to elaborate!

      This isn't a Kotaku post. As some have already deduced, this is an io9 story that we posted on Kotaku US. Our new "reframing" tech means we have to put a little "intro" to the piece before it appears on Kotaku, which is what you're seeing here. Because there isn't an Australian io9, or maybe just because our brand new tech isn't playing nice with Kotaku AU, the actual content didn't follow through with it.

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        Your link to the io9 content didn't make it over to the Australian site?

        Yeah, that's much better.

          It's a cross-post from another gawker site, which both Gawker and Allure do fairly regularly when there's overlap. Allure doesn't have an io9 for Australia, so they syndicated the kotaku version.

          Is your life really that empty that you need to attack people on the internet for shits and gigs?

            the original article still hasnt been fixed with any links. If not for Banger's link i wouldn't even know what this is all about.

        if it was a publishing error, why not correct it? I've seen other authors edit their post to fix up info when commenters correct them. feeling too lazy? as usual.

          C'mon man, 12 words and a correction? He's not superman.

          Luke doesn't work for Kotaku Australia (Allure), and probably doesn't have the access necessary to fix it.

          He's a journalist for Kotaku US (Gawker), and the original version of the story there doesn't have this error. The reprinting process that copied the article to this site is the problem, and that is on the Allure side.

        Seriously, Bangers is spot on. This type of "journalism" is simply a joke.

          Eh, not every single post in kotaku has to be journalism, some of it is just keeping up to date with nerd culture. I mean sure, it's not very elaborate, but it probably shouldn't be either.

            It's certainly important to remember that, but there's still surely a standard.

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          I don't consider Kotaku a games journalism website. More of a.. RSS feed of other games journalism websites. Why spend your time surfing a dozen different gaming websites for in-depth news and articles when you can read them all conveniently summarised into a one sentence post on Kotaku!

        Kotaku and other Allure media websites use Wordpress as their CMS
        It should be entirely possible for you to edit your article to correct the error, even if its a manual copy paste job

      *slow claps*

        Plunkett responded here but now it's gone. Looks like he's trying to save himself some embarrassment. He blamed it on a 'publishing error' cutting off the rest of his article. On the US site though he had posted exactly the same thing PLUS a link to someone else's content.

        Here is the US version of his article.

          Indeed. It was perhaps the most pathetic response yet. I found his reply offensive. A quick look at the likes - dislike numbers said it all. Creating the illusion that he had actually contributed more content than there was - is absolutely appalling.

          i replied to his comment too, and apparently people replied to mine, because i've got a red "1" next to my username at the top-right of the page..

          and now i can't check it because the thread's been deleted, that stupid notification number's gna be my undoing. leave it to plunkett to cause unnecessary grief.

          Not sure why my first comment was gone, but let me explain what this is.

          On the US site, we're obviously part of a larger media network. Part of that involves the writers of other sites saying, hey, we've got something cool we think your readers would like, can you share it on your site?

          Previously, we could simply copy over a link. We've got a new "reframing" system, though, that means we have to put our own headline and intro text in before the original post shows up below.

          What's happened here is that, due to however the tech works between the US site and the Australian one, only my text was pulled over, creating the impression it was somehow one of my stories. Which it wasn't.

            Yeah ok, but you still haven't fixed up the mistake in your actual post.

              Because I can't. I don't have publishing access on this site. And even if I did, I couldn't, because there's no local io9 to link to.

              For what it's worth I asked for this to be deleted as soon as it turned up, since these type of links normally aren't published on this site for this very reason. I guess, you know, they had more important things to worry about than a days-old dead-end link on a video game website.

    Find more information on this topic here:

    I'm always a little uneasy when they introduce stuff in that period, I tend to reject most of it, but as far as Sith design goes he's pretty cool looking. Fits the visuals without just being a Darth Vader knock-off. Sort of an Imperial Darth Maul.

      I thought that this was going to be in the Clone Wars series, but seeing as it's a completely new series it seems like Disney will be playing it safe for the next few years at least and cashing in on what people know before, hopefully, exploring the tens of thousands of years of stories in a far far away galaxy. I just hope it's not too long before we can see stuff that's outside of the 30BBY-5ABY timeframe that everyone focuses on

        Yeah. It always bugs me that they shoehorn all this stuff into such a tiny window when all they have to do if they want a Jedi or Sith is set the story a few hundred years earlier. Return of the Jedi loses a little when you realise the EU is insisting there are millions of Jedi out there. Knights of the Old Republic worked so well because rather than explaining why the main character was hanging out with the Rebels, fighting Vader but not showing up in the movies they had a ton of freedom to just build their own era.
        Although sometimes it works. I liked The Force Unleashed's secret apprentice story.

    Jedi Hunter, badass.

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    So is he supposed to be another Starkiller?

      I think he's similar, not a full Sith lord like vadar and the emperor, bit a dark side user trained in lightsaber combat. This not breaking the rule of two.

        The more I'm thinking about it, the more he seems like a rehash of existing characters. You've got Darth Maul with the double edged saber, Starkiller in that he's trained by Vader and he'll probably be like General Grievous in that he's been trained to fight Jedi but isn't a force user himself. Still, I'll hold off as much judgement as possible until I see a few episodes. Looks like it'll be nice and dark though which is good

          He's probably a Force user. Are there beings out there that can do things quickly such as block a laser bolt other than General Grievous who was largely a droid?

    Aren't all those Stormtoopers a little short to be Stormtoopers?

    i wonder if this show will have Kyle Katan and Jan Ors in it

    The Inquisitor?

    I wasn't expecting him...

      His chief weapon is surprise.. surprise and fear. His two weapons are surprise and fear... and lightsabers. His three weapons are surprise and fear and lightsabers!

        Fetch the comfy chair!

          Truly, we need more Python on Kotaku....and Douglas Adams. Bring it y'all.

        Is his offsider Biggles?

        And don't forget, Poke him with the soft cussions! (all the stuffing at one end please)

    what if darth maul and darth vader had a kid?

    I'm getting a Darth Malak vibe from him, which makes me wish they were doing an Old Republic show.

    Storm troopers look kind of dopey.

      My initial impression if anything was that his expression makes him look a little dopey

    If that's an accurate representation of the art style, I'm not interested.

    Can't help but see his head as a sock. He's like a cartoon sock puppet. Can't unseeeee.

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