Here's Where You Can't Save Your Game Safely In Pokémon X And Y

Saving your game is meant to impart a feeling of relief. A sense of protection from the electronic elements hell-bent on destroying your protagonist and all the awesome they've collected on their harrowing journey of growth and fulfilment. It sucks, then, when saving goes wrong, as some players have discovered while catching 'em all in Pokémon X and Y. Fortunately, Nintendo has come to the rescue... with a map!

It's the good kind of map though, marking out exactly where you shouldn't save your game in Lumiose City. Basically, you want to avoid any area marked in blue. The page notes that saving inside a building guarantees you won't have problems.

There's mention of an incoming fix, however, no time frame provided for the impatient.

Sadly, there are a great deal of players that won't even know this map exists, so do your part for the larger Pokémon-playing community and spread the word. Put up flyers. Grab a megaphone and scream it from your local primary school. Send out mental commands using magnets and a tarpaulin made of your own hair.

OK, not that last one.

任天堂株式会社 | ニンテンドー3ds専用ソフト『ポケットモンスター x・y』ミアレシティでのレポートについてのお願い [Nintendo, via VentureBeat]


    Apparently there is a way to recover your game if this crash happens

    There is a glitch in Pokemon X/Y which causes your game to freeze if you save in Lumiose City.
    After one day of gaming my game froze and needless to say I was really upset. I really didn't want to delete my save file so I went in search of any possible fixes that others may have found. I'm happy to announce that I've discovered a method based on this post that works.
    Step 1: Load your game.
    Step 2: As the game loads wait for the music to start.
    Step 3: Mash the home button until it works.
    Worked for me after about 5 minutes.
    Hopefully a patch is made, but for now this is a fix that works.
    Good luck to all the trainers out there and hope you can get back to gaming.


    In English for those interested:

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