Hey, Look At These Snazzy New Wii Remotes!

Hey, Look At These Snazzy New Wii Remotes!

Hey, look at these snazzy new Wii remotes! The Mario and Luigi-themed controllers showed up during the Super Mario 3D World segment of today’s Nintendo Direct. These Wii Remote Plus peripherals come out on November 1st. Wonder if one of them lets a player jump higher than the other?


    • I brought a Wii U the other day, thinking I’d regret buying a rather expensive console for a few exclusives, but so far I’ve got to say the thing is awesome. If it had next gen specs and a decent range of 3rd party titles this thing would be insane.

      So I’m left thinking what the hell has happened that a life long Nintendo fan didn’t buy one of these things day one? How did I not know the controller is a universal remote control that I can use to control my TV regardless of whether the console is turned on?
      I knew people were getting confused about the Wii U vs Wii thing but as a gamer who knows the difference between a console and accessory I assumed I wasn’t part of that group. These remotes are cool but in the past I’ve seen these promotions and it made me think the Wii U was just a Wii with a touch screen add-on. Now I’ve actually got one I see that it’s a supercharged DS. The Wii U doesn’t even come with a Wii remote, that’s how far off center this promotion is.

      Argh. Sorry for the rant but it’s blowing my mind that all this time they’ve been promoting stuff that’s only really on the console for backwards compatibility instead of just calling it the ‘Super NDS’…

      • I bought mine last week and completely agree. I find it amazing how badly viewed the Wii U is by the general gaming population and media. I started a list of current and upcoming games and I have plenty on my to play list for it.

        • I’ve had mine for a year and only about 2-3 games so i think that’s why it’s been getting flogged for so long. I figure in the life of the console it’s worth the purchase so it’ll balance in the end…. the new mario looks great 🙂

          • Well i’ve only purchased Pikmin 3 so far.

            But I do plan on getting the upcoming Mario Land, New Super Mario Bros. (and Luigi) U, Nintendo Land (maybe), Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong and Smash Bros, and will probably get Mario Kart a while after release (if it goes on sale).

            There’s a few others as well that I can’t remember of the top of my head. I sort of view it as a good complement to my PC which i use mainly for gaming.

            If I only had a Wii U, I would probably be starved for games though.

          • Yeah I’m in the same boat, limited/great titles but it’s hard to justify as a stand alone system.

          • Fair enough. I got mine at the 50% off with Dick Smith last week. Was very lucky, got the last one.

            Otherwise, I would bewaiting for a price drop.

          • Yeah. I’m glad I brought it and I think it’ll be worth it but the price is pretty ridiculous. JB has a $350-ish Monster Hunter 3 bundle which was about the best price I could find out of the retail chains (not that I looked super hard). I haven’t actually tried Monster Hunter 3 since I brought Luigi Bros at the same time but it was cheaper than a Wii U alone and came with the ‘pro’ controller.

            One interesting thing I discovered last night is that there’s a reason they give you a charging station dock as well as a dock that’s just a plastic tab. The gamepad has an IR sensor bar built into it, so you use the plastic tab dock to put the gamepad on a table and it becomes a small screen Wii (provided you’ve got a Wii remote). It sounds dumb, but the Wii games look better on a small screen than a large, which gets me past one of the major reasons I didn’t play many of the good Wii games (going from the HD XBOX 360 to the SD Wii was like wearing glasses I don’t need).
            I’m still not a fan of them focusing so much on backwards compatibility when promoting the Wii U, but that actually does open up a few more games to fill the void.

            @comban: Wow, that’s pretty lucky. I was thinking about going down to my local Dick Smith but I had some work to do so I figured they’d all be gone by the time I made it there.

          • Yeah, I went at lunch and they told me some guy rang up and put two on hold, but if he didn’t collect them by three they were going to sell them.

            Got there at 3 and one other guy was there with arms full of Wii U stuff. The guy at the counter said they were told to wait till 4. I asked him to ask his manager again and they caved and sold them to us!

            Been playing Pikmin 3 since. I haven’t bought anything else yet, because it feels absurd that buying 2 games costs me more than the console itself.

      • Don’t get me wrong I love the Wii U. Just getting peeved at what seems like a complete lack of effort by Nintendo.

        • Same. I’m still totally blown away by finding out that I should have brought this console day one. I went into an EB store in the city on Friday where they’ve got the top one and a half levels dedicated to a Nintendo show room and it doesn’t even really hint at what makes this thing a good console for someone who plays single player games more than once a month. It’s a nice little setup but it sort of alienates the people who actually sink this sort of money into gaming.

          So they’re putting the effort in they’re just putting it in the wrong place. They’re putting everything they’ve got into chasing the people who brought a Wii as a party toy without stopping to say ‘oh yeah, by the way Zelda/Mario/Metroid/etc fans, the Wii U doesn’t use waggle controls so expect the next wave of those games to play more like they did on the GameCube/N64/DS’ or even just ‘hey, you don’t have to point this thing at the TV or keep it level to use it, instead it’s a traditional controller with a tablet in it, like that Razor gaming tablet, an upgraded PS4 controller or a really big DS’.
          Wind Waker HD would have been a perfect stage to showcase how versatile this new controller is. For all the videos we saw about graphic overhauls I don’t remember any of them saying ‘ok guys, like most Wii U games you can control it with a Pro controller like you did on the GameCube, but you can also use the Wii U gamepad to do this…’.
          I’m sure they put plenty of effort into selling this controller, but they were doing those post-Wii style presentations that pre-Wii Nintendo fans seem to tune out. It’s not really sinking in that this isn’t a Wii. They really need to make every announcement about Zelda, Mario, etc games hammer home the point that it’s more closely related to the DS than the Wii.

          I guess it wouldn’t be a Nintendo console if botched advertising wasn’t choking sales on awesome games. Screaming at Nintendo HQ about being totally clueless at marketing is like the Nintendo Fan Anthem. =P

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