How Assassin's Creed IV Uses The PS4 Touchpad

By now, Assassin's Creed fans know more or less what to expect from the game's controls. Running, jumping, climbing, stabbing… they're pretty established at this point. But what of the PS4's touchpad?

In this video, Revision3's Max Scoville shows us one way ACIV will use the touchpad. As it turns out, it'll be keyed to the map, and will let you look around, zoom in, and set waypoints similarly to how you would on a smartphone or tablet using Google Maps. As a noted video-game map grouch — and someone who thinks ACIII's map could have used a LOT of improvement — I'm looking forward to seeing how this works in action.


    It would be interesting to see. But their last efforts were a major buggy slapped together disappointment for me ending in a rage quit after I fell through the game. Still a big fan.

    Analogue stick looked far smoother. Pinch to zoom also looked really awkward with two thumbs. Hope Xbox gets smartglass map, would be a far better extension of technology.

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      I thought the pinch looked pretty natural, actually - e.g. about the 0:47 mark. Certainly a more convenient option than SmartGlass or whatever the PS4 equivalent is called (do they even have a name for it?) considering that you'd need to let go of the controller to pick up your phone/tablet in order to use the map, then put it down again to return to the controller.

        Map use in Forza Horizon was great, I could just glance down at my tablet. The sucky part was though I couldn't set waypoints through smartglass in Horizon. Means you don't have to constantly jump in and out of the pause menu for the map, you can just stay in the game. I was actually a bit jealous about the touchpad going XB1, but seeing it in use I can't think of a situation I ever do things like pinch to zoom with two thumbs, I'll always hold the device in one hand and do that with the other hand.

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      Yeah it just looks awkward to reposition your hand, I would just use the analogue stick.

    I'm still skeptical about the touchpad, even after this. However I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

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