How Japanese Gamers Felt After Touching The PS4 And Xbox One

How Japanese Gamers Felt After Touching the PS4 and Xbox One

The PS4 and Xbox One won't be out in Japan until next year, but many attendees to last month's Tokyo Game Show got to try out the upcoming consoles and voice their opinions. Here's what they thought.

This week, Weekly Famitsu published the results from its TGS 2013 poll. One of the questions were on gamers' impressions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Note: Unlike the apparent uninterested population at large, the people who answered were people who would likely be buying the new consoles when they are released next year.

PlayStation 4

Probably the most popular console at this year's TGS, comments ranged from the graphical upgrade to the utilisation of the controller's touch pad and AR technology of the new camera. A lot of interest was also focused on the share function and remote play with the PS Vita.


"The controller is light an easy to use"

"I felt a lot of potential in the touch pad."

"I want to play a game that utilises the touch pad."

"The graphics are gorgeous! I'm looking forward to what kind of future it's going to show me."

"The spatial recognition function with the camera was interesting."

"There needs to be one in every household. It's packed with dreams."

Xbox One

Many people who got to play with the Xbox One remarked on the noticeable spec upgrade from the Xbox 360 as well as the increased sensitivity of the new Kinect. Aside from the graphical quality, the vibration function of the trigger buttons was praised with many remarking that it seemed well suited for third person shooters and action games.


"The graphics are beautiful and have a dynamic feeling."

"The coloration and lighting are clearer than the Xbox 360."

"The new vibration function to the triggers help to add to the immersive atmosphere."

"I hope they release a lot of games that utilise the Kinect."

"The design is compact, so it fits in naturally in the living room."

The overall impressions of the anticipated consoles were positive with responders showing a high level of excitement for both machines. Not that their excitement is going to speed up the Japanese launch dates at all (dammit).

The PlayStation 4 is scheduled for release in Japan on February 22, 2014. The Xbox One is scheduled for release in Japan sometime next year as well.

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    It's refreshing to hear the Japanese being positive about both, instead of the general westerner hate train.

      You've obviously never been on any Japanese message boards. Believe me, they more than hold their own in the dickwad/shitface competition.

    Is there something wrong with me if I read the comments in my head like the judges from the English translated Japanese Iron Chef?

    Great to hear the positive feedback on the x1

    Is it just me or does that spliced together PS4/Xbone console image look like a good looking console?

    Also, "its packed with dreams".......very nice!

      Half of it looked good to me... The other half looks like S#$&!!! :)

    “I hope they release a lot of games that utilise the Kinect.” - said no Australian ever.

    I always read things spoken by Japanese people in the voice of the Iron Chef english voiceover guy.

      now i'm hearing iron chef man on the ground guy.

    Xbox is not common in Japan anyway. X1 will be no differ.

    I doubt it will translate to sales, but cool I guess.

    The Xbox One is far from "compact". It's huge.

    just go to, there's only 2 review for x360 compair to hundreds for ps4

    I mean x one

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