How Much To Buy A League Of Legends Nexus In Today's Market?

League of Legends Nexus for Sale Ever wonder how much it would cost to buy one of those Nexus things from League of Legends? You know, the thing all those minions sprout from? Nah, me neither. I like living in a house. But just in case you did, these Real Estate people did some research.

I think this is pretty interesting, but massively flawed. To begin with they are overlooking the insane amount of craftsmanship that goes into a Nexus. Look at those solid stone statues. That's got to add some serious value to the property.

And what about its goddamn magical properties? Surely that's more attractive than some bullshit like bamboo flooring or a jacuzzi. That's got to add a massive amount of value to the property. Nice try Movoto, but come on!


    I think this is pretty interesting, but massively flawed. Hey, if they want to undervalue a property, far be it from me to complain when I buy it and then sell for a fantastic profit. ^_^ Though I hear the neighbours get incredibly rowdy, and the insurance premiums are through the roof due to it's placement in a disaster prone location so maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea...

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      It claims "final price for a real-world Nexus" which is actually wrong. It should be "final land-only price for a real-world Nexus".

    I dunno, bamboo flooring is so pretty and hardwearing...

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