How To Beat Deathstroke, Batman: Arkham Origins' Most Annoying Boss

Deathstroke is one of the eight assassins sent to kill Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins, so he should be a formidable opponent. The problem is, he's a bit too tough, resulting in a pretty frustrating boss fight. Take a look at the video above for how to get through it.

Deathstroke aside, Arkham Origins isn't a bad game, especially if you're a fan of the series. Check out our review for all the details. If you have any tips I missed in the video, let us know in the comments!


    Posted 5 mins before I started the boss fight

      you think this is hard wait till new game plus!

        Deathstroke is the easiest boss in the entire game even in new game plus he's really easy to beat

          You lie

        wtf is new game plus and any hints to help beat this SOB?

        Wuts that when u beat the game

    Had to defeat him twice since it glitched out when Batsy picked up hook thing. Its a pretty bad boss fight. Its just a glorified QTE.

    Yeah it took me about 20 attempts and a whole lot of swearing before I beat him. I even considered restarting my game on Easy.

    Slade was hard but he was easily my favourite boss

    i don't understand why so many people had problems with this, it tells you what to do when you attack to early..

      I'm surprised too. The fight itself was pretty straightforward, and you're not too far into the game so you don't have a ridiculous amount of attacks you can do. I played terribly and still managed to take him out on my first try.
      When you do something that doesn't work, Deathstroke will either dodge or hit you (causing you to lose a small amount of health) as a way of telling you that move isn't going to fly. If you do use a move that hits Deathstroke, that move is either going to hit every time or alternate between hitting and creating a counter situation, which is clearly highlighted on screen when you can and can't counter. After every chain of counters, you can hit the strike button and score a couple of free hits, and when you reach about halfway, the game tells you start using the Quickfire Batclaw (LT+Y for Xbox players) and hit Strike, which is free damage nearly every time. The game even gives you hints that tell you what to do if you keep making mistakes.

        If you try fighting him with hints off it is 10 times harder.

      I just did the fight then and beat it on the second attempt and recalled this how-to being posted on here. I'm really not sure what part was supposed to be difficult about it, and I'm playing on Hard mode.

      Ya ur right it does but I counter then hit and he always counters my hits at least every other time and always kills me by the third section.

    Only just got past killer croc and I'm only playing on easy so I'm not too worried at the moment. Will be starting an I am the night mode playthrough after I finish NG+ though.

    I must admit i was having difficulty in the open world mobs on hard mode for a while (it has been too long since i played arkham city :P) but i got into the swing of things now. I had just beaten deathstroke not 10 minutes ago before i saw this and though wth... i just demolished him - did not lose a single bar to him. So i don't know if mine was glitched or something but i was struggling with mobs but now i can beat the "toughest" boss without losing a bar...

    The Deathstroke fight is actually my favourite boss battle of all time.

    Not too bad of a game, just really clunky fight mechanics. I swear, if they just gave it to Rocksteady, it would be another major triumph for the series...but then Rocksteady doesn't want to shove MMO onto people needlessly. Thanks WB.

    (On a side note, online is entertaining provided you can round up 8 people to do it.)

    Took me 4 tries to beat Deathstroke. It's probably the most intense boss fight I've ever played through.

    i don't understand why people find it so difficult. it's just countering and a couple of of quick fire bat claws it's nothing that intense or hard

    .... wut? I'm playing on hard and beat him first time. Just gotta get used to the counters and you're fine. Although getting through big mob encounters without getting hit a few times is a pain... once you lose the roll it's just hit hit hit hit... seriously annoying.

    The detective mode button in the previous arkhams was L2 and now the fact that they changed it to L1 is REALLY annoying me!! I'm so used to using the L1 button to use the equipment. I really wish there a way to change the controls... Also the font and colour scheme is really ugly, I swear I wish I was a damn beta tester for that game!!

      *Wezza submits testing report #4534*

      Problem: Font sucks

      Can replicate issue: ITS RIGHT THERE PEOPLE IN FRONT OF YOU

      *Response from developers*
      - Font sucks by design
      *Wezza submits testing report #4535*

      Problem: L2 and L1 buttons interchanged in current game in series resulting in confusion from player base, players are throwing batarangs at crime scenes

      Can replicate issue: Yes, come by my station and I will show you

      *Response from developers*
      - Buy the Xbox version. Oh wait you don't have one? Damn shame.
      AFAIK, testers have very little power to change big things.

        LOL, they're only minor annoyances and I'm used to it all now. Also they aren't really game changing things, they could be edited in beta stage easily. I think...

    I literally JUST finished that boss fight, just spam the bat claw quickfire, then throw a few combos, if he dodges it get ready to counter his moves. That's basically all you have to do counter and punch. It took me 3 goes to realise what to do haha, hope this helps someone!

      except for the fact that he can spam uncounterable moves which can can kill you

        no, he doesn't. i can counter all of his moves. even on new game plus, it is possible.

        I played on Hard and died on my first couple of attempts due to my own mistakes. However, not once in any of my attempts did I see even a single uncounterable move!

    It's really not that difficult... Patience is what works.

    Yeh i spent ages trying to figure out what he was talking about when he says "i just gave you an opening" - i think its when he spins his staff, not exactly obvious though. I think the problem with the fight is that it seems really inconsistent - you're never 100% sure that you've figured out the patterns and I really felt like the game sent mixed/unclear messages when trying to guide you.

    Wow, I thought he was a really easy boss on hard Xd\D

    I thought it was the most exciting boss fight, quite the challenge but incredibly fun trying to out-counter him :)

    Playing on medium, I only died once, but that was when I was playing at 1am and I was half asleep :P. I found the countering no harder than Ra's Al Ghul in AC.

    I played through on hardest difficulty, anticipating that it would be easier than it turned out; some games make fights far too simple. Deathstroke is an easy boss; I only got hit twice. Bane's fight in the hotel however is a Royal pain because unless you time the dodge just right he still hits you, and I had to restart about 30 or so times before I managed to get to the final section with adequate health to take hits and still stay up.

    I really struggled with deathstroke, followed the hints but I couldn't see any visual cues as to when he was gonna counter my attack and when he wasn't. I thought it was a fun boss fight until I died the second time, at which point I realised it wasn't that I wasn't missing a cue, deathstroke counters your attacks at random.

    That makes for a shoddy experience where for chunks of the fight I was using the batclaw (which felt pretty unrealistic) or staring at him waiting for him to attack so I could counter. That was so immersion-shattering it just ruined the whole fight for me.

    Or did I miss a warning that told you he was gonna counter?

    dudes, whenever death stroke tries to strike you and you see counter button, BUT FOR SOME REASON IT WONT WORK FOR ME. I DONT SEE COUNTER BUTTON (Y) P.S I am on xbox 360. Plz help me, how do i fix it????

    I have discovered another way to beat him, if you attempt to stun him then he does that thing where he shoots his hook at you and a barrel. Then just bat law and slam him and repeat.

    Haha, who actually thinks -this- is the hardest fight in the game? This fight is utterly simple. All you have to do is no button mash, you wait til the moment right before he attacks, and hit the button. This fight is so easy.... just try not being impatient and use some proper timing, that is pretty much what this entire game is about.

    "You didn't do anything wrong, the game is just frustrating"... No, you did something wrong -_-

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