How To Play StarCraft On A Completely Different Level

How To Play StarCraft On A Completely Different Level

How To Play StarCraft On A Completely Different Level

On the left: 25 explosive Zerg units controlled by StarCraft II’s AI. Just a few of them would be enough to crush the 30 defenceless marines on the right. But the world’s best player, Innovation shows us how to control and split them properly, with insane speed and accuracy.

This terrific moment was part of a fun series that recently aired on GSTL All Stars in South Korea. Innovation, and an other top Terran player, MMA, challenged each other to see who could control Terran units better.

Here’s the whole segment, uploaded by YouTubers SC2HL:

Innovation’s Marine Split – 30 marines vs 25 banelings [YouTube]


    • There isn’t really any trick to it. It’s essentially just: click really fast.

      Most pro Koreans play at 200-300 actions per minute (distributed between mouse clicks and keyboard strokes) on average throughout a match. For situations like these, their APM will briefly skyrocket to something like 700-900.

    • It’s easy. Just have about 5 or 6 different control groups of marines, stim and run each control group in separate directions while simultaneously commanding other groups to turn around and fire on the banelings then tell those guys to run away while another set of marines fire on the banelings.

      Piece of cake if you have about 350 APM.

      • Watch pro replays, they use the same control groups we do. Having pre-defined control groups prior to splits is needlessly complicated. It’s simply drag group all marines > move, select smaller group > another direction, smaller subgroup in another, etc. It’s similar to pre-HOTS worker splitting but far better executed.

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