I Can't Believe Valve Messed With The 'Bongs' In Dota 2

Outrage after outrage, man. First Valve practically destroys Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by daring to mess with the most integral part of the experience, the chickens. Now they're at it again with Dota 2 — the latest patch messes with the bongs.

Or well. They're technically not bongs. Players just call them bongs. The point is, there used to be a sound that played during the matchmaking status pop-up — and it's been changed by Valve. To BONGOS.

It's pretty much bullshit. VideoGamerTV knows what's up.

#bongsnotbongos #bongs #bongosarebullshit #bringbackthebong

OK, but speaking seriously now: it's always curious to me how small, seemingly insignificant elements of a game can make the experience — and then it changes, and stuff just doesn't feel right, you know? This is especially the case when you consider how much of games become about muscle memory and such. So sure, this is a kind of silly complaint, possibly even making fun of people who make mountains out of small patch tweaks in games, but hey. I'm sure we all have our own bongs we hope aren't messed with.

Dota 2: Bring Back the Bong - OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN VIDEO (HASHTAG) [VideoGamerTV]


    Okay. I think someone needs to put down their personal bong.. This is just strange, getting worked up over a name change.

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