I Dare Hollywood To Pull Off A Stunt Like This


    Doesn't just start slow, ends slow too!

      "I Dare Hollywood To Pull Off A Stunt Like This"
      What the fuck has Brian been watching all his life, shitty art-house dramas? What's next? Lifehacker posting an article, "Thermodynamics Will Blow Your Mind," followed by instructions for cooking a fucking egg?

        my thoughts exactly.... we really really need an article upvote/downvote button.

    Well that's what they get for going the wrong way on an obviously one-way street!

    Dude in blue shirt "What's going on?"
    Person in White car "Just waiting for a mate"

    Pretty sure this is a very basic level car stunt, to the point where it would be cheaper than CGI.

    In fact, most car stunts still get pulled off for real unless they require very specific choreography (that would be very hard to do in one take and further takes would require new cars) or require interactions with actors that would be far to dangerous to do for real.

    You guys owe me a minute of my life.

    Complete waste of time.

    Sorry for the negative comment.

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