The Real Gabe Newell Would Never Write A Letter Like This

If Gabe Newell laid down some real talk then maybe he'd say some of the things in this fake but hilarious open letter written by Dorkly about Half-Life 3.

A message from Gabe Newell [Dorkly]


    God damn this fucking click-bait. I come into these things expecting something, but then once I find out there's actually nothing I can't take that click back.

      Well, I'd agree with you, but that letter is actually gold.

    What the hell? Every time I click that link on my iPhone it opens the site then opens up iTunes to Candy Crush Saga.

    Wasn't even funny. It would have actually made sense if people were complaining there wasn't a HL ever year. It's been what a decade? Hardly the epitome of corporate greed nor is the fact they couldn't have been simultaneously developing it and there steam os stuff. You know, because they are such a tiny understaffed company and all.

    PS $%$^ article I wanted to un click as well

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