If Pixar Characters Starred In Our Favourite Games…

If Pixar Characters Starred In Our Favourite Games…

Spoilers: it would basically be the best thing, judging from these mash-ups by renegade21. I mean, Toy Story x Mass Effect, for example…it feels so right, no?

It’s not the only mash-up renegade21’s concocted. Here are a few more. Enjoy!

The Last of Us x Monsters, Inc

Red Dead Redemption X Toy Story

Metal Gear Solid x Up

Shadow of the Colossus x Ratatouille

Tomb Raider x Brave

Mass Effect x Toy Story

You can check out more of renegade21’s work here.

(Via geeksngamers)


  • Holy shit. These are downright fantastic!
    I don’t necessarily want to play these games/see these movies. But the way each character fits into the respective game is fabulous!

  • the last of us monsters inc is awesome! i think thats a great idea for a movie storyline – maybe not zombies, but other bad monsters from the monster dimension out to wreck the world or something.

  • They all look awesome. The Last of Us one looks the best but the Metal Gear Solid 4 one was easily the funniest.

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