Strikingly Beautiful PC Game Will Surely Have Some Very Sad Robots

There aren't any humans to be seen in this new trailer for upcoming PC release Reset. Mankind may be dead, for all we know. Whether people have survived into this harshly beautiful future or not, the robots ( or mechs?) seem kind of depressed. Bummer.

This is the first look that developer Theory Interactive has offered at Reset's gameplay after turning heads with the game's reveal trailer last year. It's been described as a sci-fi noir where you play co-operatively with yourself. You can see a few instances of how the game's time travel mechanic makes the 'you are your own partner' mechanics possible. Clever, moody stuff going on right here.


    First trailer I've seen in ages that has gripped me. Cannot wait.

    This was surprisingly grabbing. The music, set piece and sudden change of the environment. The robot's reaction to this stark contrast; It reacting at all was intriguing in and of itself. Super excited for this.

    Thanks for bringing this to my eyes. My swelling anticipation is thankful.

    Wondering what was the fate of this game. The previous trailer had me intrigued, but this one has caught my full attention.
    *eagerly awaits for more*

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