Injustice Hits Vita, PS4, PC Next Month

Injustice Hits Vita, PS4, PC Next Month

Warner Bros' superhero-stuffed fighting game is getting one of those fancy collector's editions and a whole bunch of new platforms: Injustice: Gods Among Us will come to Vita, PS4, and PC on November 12. (November 29 in Europe.)

This is the ultimate edition, which comes with all of the game's DLC, character skins, extra missions, and so forth. This version of the game will also be out for Xbox 360 and PS3 on the same date: November 12.

The PS4, 360 and PS3 versions will cost you $US60. PC version is $US50. Vita version is $US40. Watching Lex Luthor and the Joker go at it? Priceless.


    What a dick move. It's not even a year old and they're pushing GOTY versions. At least there not as bad as Capcom

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      Unlike CAPCPOM's past efforts (or Arc Systems.... yeesh) this version doesn't require you to repurchase the game to get the new content. Just your standard GOTY reissue with DLC bundled. Play your cards right you could have already purchased the game and all DLC which this offers for less money. Well on PS360 anyway ;)

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    Damn, bought the PS3 version yesterday and then checked out the DLC (more than what I paid for the game itself!)

    Never got into the PS3 version, so curious if I should double dip for either the Vita or PS4 version (since the PS4 doesnt have any fighting games, this would be its first)

    MK on the vita was awesome, so I trust these guys will do a good job

    ALSO - has anyone noticed that the PS4 and XB1 are the first consoles to launch without a Ridge Racer game for a long time??

      I've got to say that the PS4 launch, as good as it looks, just doesn't feel like a PlayStation launch. And that's due to the lack of Ridge Racer, Wipeout and Everybody's Golf.

    I dont think we will see another Wipeout game ever again (looks like the Vita version will be the last) and RR is now F2P

    But yeah... maybe Japan will get an Everybody's Golf?

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