iOS 7 Giving You Vertigo And Nausea? Here’s An Idea


The motion of iOS 7’s redesigned icons has many iPhone users complaining of motion sickness and vertigo. Jimmy Kimmel’s solution is the only guaranteed cure.

Stop Looking at Your F***ing Phone Every 5 Seconds! [Youtube]


  • Hmm, but the iphone doesn’t actually have a 3D screen.. It’s just a parallax effect.. So can’t really see how this would legitimately be caused – unless you also find other effects sickening.. In which case I recommend returning to Symbian immediately.

    This seems like a dumb joke though. “Just spent many hundreds on something? Just don’t use it much!”.

    Yeah thanks.

  • Its just people complaining for the sake of complaining. Making things up to get their message heard. I doubt anyone actually does get motion sickness from their phone, and if they do then perhaps the remedy above is a good start.

  • The only difference I could tell between having parallax switched on or off is the lack of rapage my battery had to go through.

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