iOS 7 Giving You Vertigo And Nausea? Here's An Idea


    Complaining of motion sikness? Really? -.-'

      Have you seen iOS7 in motion? Gone are the snappy instant transitions and in is a bunch of wavy bullshit.

    Hmm, but the iphone doesn't actually have a 3D screen.. It's just a parallax effect.. So can't really see how this would legitimately be caused - unless you also find other effects sickening.. In which case I recommend returning to Symbian immediately.

    This seems like a dumb joke though. "Just spent many hundreds on something? Just don't use it much!".

    Yeah thanks.

    Yeh.. weird.. I know that some people can be ultra sensitive to such things but for it to be so wide-spread... weird.

      Sometimes the internet makes these things appear to be more widespread than they really are I guess.

    Its just people complaining for the sake of complaining. Making things up to get their message heard. I doubt anyone actually does get motion sickness from their phone, and if they do then perhaps the remedy above is a good start.

    The only difference I could tell between having parallax switched on or off is the lack of rapage my battery had to go through.

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