Is PS4 Launch Game DriveClub Delayed To 2014?

Is PS4 Launch Game DriveClub Delayed To 2014?

Has one of the PlayStation 4's big launch exclusives has been pushed back to next year? Rumours are swirling that DriveClub has been delayed to 2014, but Sony won't comment on the matter.

A website called The Same Coin sparked the rumour earlier today, claiming they'd heard from "an anonymous source" that Sony's big racing game, originally slated for release alongside the PS4 on November 15, has been bumped to next spring. "Treat this as 100% rumour for now," they wrote. "Hopefully it will turn out to be false."

While I hadn't heard of this website before today, a person familiar with goings-on at Sony told me this afternoon that the report is true.

To add some fuel to this rumour fire, today in San Francisco, Sony is holding an event to show off their PS4 games. Although DriveClub was originally part of the lineup, a Sony rep told me this afternoon that it has been removed due to a "scheduling conflict."

When I asked if the game has been delayed, the Sony rep said they don't comment on rumours and speculation.

DriveClub design director Paul Rustchynsky wrote on Twitter today that he doesn't have "any new information on DRIVECLUB to share."

At E3 in June, Sony promised that their PlayStation Plus membership program will include access to a free, stripped-down version of DriveClub, among other benefits. If DriveClub is indeed delayed, Sony may need to find a way to replace that offer.

These rumours come a day after the delay of Watch Dogs, the sci-fi open world game that was also originally set to launch alongside next-gen consoles this November. Maybe something's in the water this week. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.


    Oh dear. While not excited for Driveclub I was appreciative that I would have a free version to play at launch.

      Real racing 3 is free too doesn't make it a good game though

    Oh dear. I wasn't exactly thrilled with this game, but it looked like the game that everyone with a PS4 would own at launch.

      Xbox one users get Killer instinct free at launch seems like Sony users are still getting shafted nothing changes it was like enjoying motorstorm and resistance as launch titles #whatAAA?

    I call Shenanigans.....
    MS is in clandestine "negotiations" with the publishers to "encourage" them to "polish" the tiles a bit more beyond PS4 release date

      The publisher in this instance being Sony Computer Entertainment? Yeah, alright.

        Uh huh....
        I don't think I could have made my sarcasm more obvious unless I started the post with
        ****SARCASM ALERT****

    If the rumour turns out to be true, perhaps this delay would be a good chance to make this game i dunno, GOOD at least.

      Well one could hope it's not like Sony doesn't already have enough watered down racers coming

    I wasn't interested in another racing game. Maybe they've taken the view that they don't want this to be out at the same time GT6 launches and instead will bring it out at the end of the launch window and hope that people are ready for another racing game. No matter to me, I won't be getting either, as long as Killzone is there and indies are bringing out a few gems to unearth I'll be happy

    im hoping that this is just going to remain a rumor, as i was only able to afford 2 games when i pre-ordered the PS4 and 1 is confirmed delayed and now the second it 'Rumored' delayed
    not having a good run

    Kind of sux for me if it's true. I was looking forward to this and Watchdogs on release as my wife is grabbing me a PS4 for christmas. Was disappointed to hear Watchdogs was delayed and now if Driveclub is delayed I will have a PS4 but no games.
    I'm not really interested in any of the other launch titles.

    Is it better for Sony to have no driving game at launch but the promise of a (probably not) great one in six months time, or to have a game which is demonstratebly worse than Forza and no better driving game until Gran Turismo comes out in god-only-knows when?

    The bottom line is people who want a driving game at launch were likely to see Forza reviews (and let’s face it, the series has been consistently stellar) and buy a Xbone if the Driveclub reviews aren’t great and there’s no GT in the pipeline.

    In that case it’s probably a good move by Sony to pull the game from launch if they aren’t 100% confident that it’s going to be great. They should put out a bunch of beautiful screenshots and hope people buy a PS4 for the game down the track. Why go toe to toe with your opponent where they are strongest?

    Sony are perennial delayers.

    This is what happens when you rush your console to be first to market.

    Based on what I've been able to play, I don't think there's any real need to worry about this.

    Driveclub was nice enough to look at for a little while, but the game is terrible. Just my opinion of course but if you were ever or are excited about this game I would recommend you don't hold your breath.

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