Is This The First Official iPhone Game Controller? I Hope So…

Is This The First Official iPhone Game Controller? I Hope So…

One of the most important parts of the recent iOS 7 update for iPhones was the ability to use game controllers. I honestly thought we’d never see the day since a) Apple is so fussy with its brand and peripherals and b) Apple doesn’t really seem to care about or get video games. But it happened. It’s a real thing. Could these leaked images be our first look at the official iPhone gaming controller?

I certainly hope so. It looks great. A gaming controller from logitech, the design is sleek and it fits seamlessly with the iPhone. Simple, classic, functional.

And it looks very similar to one of the designs that Apple released a while back, so this could be legit.

Now all we need is games that work in tandem with the device. I think this could seriously open some interesting doors for Apple and I hope developers support it.

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  • Hmm. Do you see any issues with potential fragmentation of the iOS games market into those with controller-required set-ups, and those that work acceptably well on the screen by itself?

    And do you think older games that were not built with controllers in mind may not be updated/work with such features?

    • I’d say they’d either make it a requirement for an app to at least be playable with just the touch screen, or give clear warnings it requires a gamepad to play.

      And that entirely depends on the developer. If support isn’t added, chances are it’ll either be because they don’t have enough spare time/resources, or the game is better suited to a touch screen anyways.

    • Another problem with this, presumably, is the form factor. The size and shape of the iphone seems to change every couple of years. Will people want to buy a new peripheral every couple of years?

      Would make a lot of sense if the device was adjustable, and also if it worked with Android phones.

  • Wonder why they made the design for the ABXY buttons cut so close to the Xbone controller. Sure, similarities are the norm for any controller, but the design looks identical, bar the colours on the letters being shifted.

    • Just like the 360 controller looks identical to a PAL SNES controller but with the colours and letters shifted. /shrug

      • Not quite the same comparison. What I mean here is that the button letters look to be the same font as the XBone controller, as well as having black buttons with coloured letters. I’m not expecting a sudden lawsuit from Microsoft, it’s just an observation.

  • Year 2014, Iphone 6 release with new shape.
    iPhone5/5S controller now not compatible…. total waste of money

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