Professor X Hilariously Tears Gambit A New One. He Deserved It.

Look, I'm a Gambit hater. The weird headgear, the terribly written accent, the douchey pick-up artist vibe… none of it is worth putting up with for the nominally useful powers dude brings to the X-Men. Never liked him. So it is with great relish that I present to you Charles Xavier giving Remy LeBeau the double bird salute.

We've seen comedian Pete Holmes put on the bald cap to hand walking papers to Wolverine before. But, somehow, all the insults seem a lot more justified in this case. "If we're ever attacked while we're inside a ball pit, we'll call you." Good one, Chuck.


    Gambit was always my favourite in X-Men cartoons growing up, but I didn't like him in Origins so much.

      he was absolutely terrible in origins...

        lets pretend that didn't happen. i still hope for a proper gambit in a film one day.

      I generally like to ignore origins, so many wasted characters.

        Gambit and Deadpool... what were they thinking?

    Sounds like we have found a new nominee for the 2013 player haters ball.

    I kind of liked him in Origins - he was so over the top cool that he actually had a place in Origins, as camp as the rest were. But generally, I try to ignore that particular film...

    yeah because you know, he couldn't just tap your shoulder and make you explode... or just do it by looking at you if he can be bothered.

    Gambit Rocks.

    "Hilariously" is being overly generous. But anyway, I always thought Gambit was one of the more powerful X-Men. They kinda made him seem weak in Origins.

    What can I do? Tap dance and pleasure a woman.

    That sucked even worse than the Wolverine one. Even if you hate Gambit, you can't seriously say that video was funny or even entertaining.

      The Wolverine one was gold. This one not so much.

    From a canon perspective, wasn't gambit SO incredibly overpowered that he had to surgically have a piece of his brain removed to stop him from *accidently* destroying the world or some such?

    I'm not 100% on this, but vaguely recall reading it on Wikipedia a few years ago when I was looking him up.

    i love gambit. one of my favourite x-men. each to their own i suppose. lots of people love superman and i'm really not a fan at all.

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