It's Hard To Tell Who Would Win This Video Game Tug Of War

It's hard to tell who'd win this video game tug of war in digital artist Patrick Ballesteros' drawing. The team on the right with all the heavyweight characters or the other group with a curiously evil-looking Princess Zelda.

Bonus points for the background characters and for the detailed surronding area.

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    It'll all be rather one sided if the Chief was there haha :)

    Clearly the team on the left. Look at the marks on the ground. Also, they have a big blue duck.

    I see:
    Lara Croft
    Some gears guy (Not Baird or cole, Never played gears)
    Pirahna Plant (Just spotted)

      You forgot Q-bit blowing the whislte
      and i think it is Morrigan from Dark Stalkers to the right of Snakes head.

    clearly the team on the right would actually win.
    Akuma - DEmon
    Kratos -(wasnt he half God or something)
    and Zangief is a beefcake. the others are your average Joes.

    the left has
    Baby mario, on a turlte, Peach
    and two i dont know.

      That's not Peach...
      It even says in the article...

        goes to show how much i enjoy reading

        still, its a piss weak princess from the nintendo realm

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