Japan Gets Anti-Radiation Swimwear And Underwear

Japan Gets Anti-Radiation Swimwear and Underwear

Radiation is serious — especially in Japan. With the country still dealing with a nuclear disaster, people need to protect themselves. Osaka-based swimwear company Yamamoto Corporation unveiled anti-radiation work wear in the form of a wetsuit made from rubberised kneaded carbon. It can stop nearly 100 per cent of harmful beta rays.

Beta particles can change the structure of molecules, leading to cancer and death. Obviously, this wetsuit is designed with Fukushima clean-up crews in mind.

Weighing only three kilograms, the wetsuit stretches, but has stitching that is completely fused so contaminated water cannot seep through. According to 47News, the wetsuit will be released in late November.

Yamamoto Corporation is also developing lead-based underwear to stop harmful gamma rays. It weighs 3.4 kilograms.

The wetsuit is priced at ¥105,000 ($1070) and the underwear is ¥80,850 ($825).

放射線を遮る作業服開発 山本化学工業、下着も [47News]

Photo: 山本化学工業


    Beta radiation can be shielded from by a piece of paper.

      Actually it's Alpha particles that can be stopped by a piece of paper. Beta particles can be stopped by a couple mm of Aluminium

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        I guess it depends on intensity.

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          It's more to do with the size of the particles. Alpha particles are just a fast moving Helium nucleus but as they have a larger mass they are stopped by skin or paper but are still dangerous if ingested. Beta particles however are fast moving electrons and as electrons are much lighter then the Helium nucleus they penetrate further and actually can penetrate skin. The danger all really comes down to dosage though as can be seen by XKCD's comic http://xkcd.com/radiation/

            Yes I know, but it is statistical. A gamma wave (highest penetrative ability) can still be interrupted by a single atom of oxygen. At a distance of say planck's length. Dosage I suppose would be exposure, a function of intensity throughout the area exposed multiplied by the length of time.

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    I mean this in a non-troll way, but Kotaku really needs to update their About pages so as not to keep misleading people by making it seem like the site focuses on games and gamer culture. It has slowly drifted to also include Asian culture and Asian news so the mission statement should reflect that.

      A little variety never hurt anyone. If this is such a problem for your then there is nothing stopping you from skipping these articles or avoiding this site altogether.

      Next, you will be complaining about news papers have ads.

      If you want only the gaming related articles then only read those related to gaming. Quit complaining in articles such as this.

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        He doesn't seem to be complaining about the content at all, he may or may not be against the current content, but his comment is in no way reflecting that. All he is saying is they should be honest about what their content actually is.

      Can we get a single goddamn story about anything without someone in the comments crying internet tears about the quality of writing, or the relation to games?

      Here's a thought: Don't get your game news here.

    How can i get me gamma radiation on my junk? Or do you think the ladies won't appreciate a little green monster?

    Really -_- we actually need to do something about this instead of pretending nothing much is going on or we're all completely screwed, can't believe how ignorant 90% of people on this planet are.

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