Japanese Hotel Rooms Don't Get Much Cheaper Than This

Japanese Hotel Rooms Don't Get Much Cheaper Than This

Travelling to Japan on a budget? Need a place to stay? Don't mind people having sex all around you? Well, have I got a hotel room for you.

Enter hotel San Patchi. It's located in Juso, which is a stone's throw from the bustling Umeda district. It's not the best of neighborhoods, sure (they filmed part of Black Rain there!). And this hotel isn't your typical hotel. It's a love hotel.

But hey, room 212 costs ¥380 a night — which is about $4. That's any night. No wonder San Patchi is calling this the "lucky room". The hotel's other rooms are pretty inexpensive too, and start around $39 for the night and get more expensive from there depending on the day of the week. This is why San Patchi bills itself as a "gekiyasu (激安) hotel" or "dirt cheap hotel".

Japanese Hotel Rooms Don't Get Much Cheaper Than This

According to The Tokyo Reporter, the reason for the low price (besides being an obvious publicity stunt) is that love hotels in Osaka are cutting rates. It's possibly the result of crackdowns on prostitution, which might be impacting a regular flow of customers. Moreover, more businessmen are apparently deciding to stay at love hotels instead of traditional business hotels. This is perhaps because the rooms at love hotels are generally larger; however, no business people I know prefer love hotels to conventional business hotels.

Japanese Hotel Rooms Don't Get Much Cheaper Than This

This certainly seems to be the cheapest hotel room in the country. Previously, the cheapest hotel in Japan (above) was thought to be ¥500 ($5), and that hotel, also located in Osaka, looked like something out of a horror film.

If the whole love hotel thing doesn't bother you, this could be a viable option. But at this price, no doubt room 212 will be popular. You'll need to get lucky to snag it, no pun intended.

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    do i get sex as well? or is just everyone around me? that might be the deal breaker.

      how about a compromise - you can watch

        Imagine if love hotels had application forms when you get in so you can list your preferred kink and they'll offer mutually-beneficial options that suit your kink. Like adjoining rooms for voyeurs and exhibitionists.

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