Just How Much Crap Can A Video Game Character Carry?

The short answer is “too much”. The long answer is: over 360kg for a Grand Theft Auto character. And when it comes to Minecraft, holy crap.

If you didn’t know that you could carry 25 per cent of the total gold ever mined by the human species on your back, well, now you know.

How Much Can You Carry? [Vsauce]


    • Yeah out of nowhere it got real heavy. Very interesting though!

      I was just thinking about how many swords and sets of armour I’m carrying around in Dark Souls, but they don’t weigh me down until I use them… thank dog for gameplay contrivances!

  • Halo: super elite soldier with enhanced strength and agility, uses nearly inpenetrable suit of armour – can only carry 2 weapons.
    Fallout: young human emerges into the world with normal strength, can carry as many weapons as he likes.
    Love it!

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