Just What You Always Wanted, A Mountain Dew-Themed Xbox One

Just What You Always Wanted, A Mountain Dew-Themed Xbox One

Do you feel that the Xbox One's bold, clean design is just a little bit too austere? Ever wish it could be livened up by some shiny green soft-drink branding? Well then!

The above photo was tweeted by the media rep for Hendrick Motorsports, who field Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. She describes it as "the new @mtn_dew Xbox One game console," which may or may not mean that there's more than one of these things in the world. It's branded with Earnhardt Jr.'s car number, 88, along with his signature.

The custom box is tied to a Dew and Doritos-sponsored contest giving away new consoles to those who have codes from soft-drink and corn chip packages. The contest page doesn't specify whether or not winners will get Xbox Ones that looks like this, or regular consoles.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has added Dew-themed branding to an Xbox. As it happens, when I was down at E3 this year, I swung by the Video game History Museum exhibit and snapped a shot of this Slimer-green original Xbox:

Just What You Always Wanted, A Mountain Dew-Themed Xbox One

I personally really like the actual look of the Xbox One, but this sure is a... um... compelling alternate look for the console. I wonder if there's a matching Doritos-themed Kinect.

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    The Xbox One is a really good looking machine.

    Or at least it was before Mountain Dew vomited their ugly green branding all over the damn thing. What an eyesore.

    There is a secret voice activated command specially built in to this console, if you scream "I fucked your mum" at the top of your lungs and bag of Doritos will pop out of the console.

    PS. here come the downvotes.

    I hope they've changed the achievement unlock sound for this one to AMERICAAAAAAA

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