Kinect 2.0 Sees Your Face, Muscles And Soul. Maybe Not That Last One

Kinect 2.0 Sees Your Face, Muscles And Soul. Maybe Not That Last One

At-home motion capture. Heart rate detection. Compatibility with smaller spaces. Microsoft has been promising impressive things about the new iteration of Kinect, which they kind of have to do seeing as how they’ve made it a mandatory part of buying an Xbox One. Now they’re trying to show you how the motion-sensing sensor will be worth the trouble.

The a pretty deep dive into how Kinect 2.0 does what it does. The hope here is a knowledge base from a previous iteration and software tweaks throughout the Xbox One/Kinect 2.0 lifecycle will convert sceptics into believers. There’s no use lying about how much you do or don’t like Kinect. Remember: it can see inside you.


  • these are the same videos from around E3 time. hopefully the kinect team release some unseen videos of kinect tech.

  • It’s a shame though, the Kinect won’t be able to see my wallet.

    Ha ha ha, man, I gotta stop going for the low blow.

    • How long before it can measure all the shit in your lounge, the clothes you’re wearing, the value of your possessions, the pizza you eat, and start spruiking things at you.

      “Hey, you seem to enjoy eating…”DOMINOES PIZZA” while wearing…..”BONDS UNDERPANTS” in “HOT WEATHER.” Would you like me to order you a “DOMINOES PIZZA” with the “$13.20” remaining in your bank account?


      • More like “”Hey, you seem to enjoy eating…”ALCOHOL” while wearing…..”UNDERPANTS”.

      • So true, the Spybox will be watching you.
        They haven’t proven anything this gen to me, how will they prove themselves this gen?
        Especially when they want to force that $150 piece of crap down our throats, instead of offering it as an accessory (that nobody will buy). Microsoft keep your NSA Spybox I certainly don’t need it.

    • Yes but not in gaming other than dance games.
      This could be used in store windows so you could literally be window shopping the latest fashions as it applies virtual clothes over you.
      You could have a driving instructor see what the student is actually looking at while they are driving, tracking their eyes.

  • Interesting that there appear to be several dead pixels in 3D detection mode, have a look at the top video at around 0:56 on his upperbody, where you can clearly see some dark pixels where they shouldnt be. I wonder if the production models will suffer from the same problem.

  • Yeah yeah, been there done that with Kinect, Move and Wii. None of them deliver. I have ZERO expectations for this too.

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