Lame Game Marathon Raises Almost $8000 For Charity

Anyone tune into the Lame Game Marathon over the weekend? I turned it on briefly on the Saturday and was greeted by the incredible sight of Cho Aniki mid-play. It was spectacular. This is just a quick note to report that the Lame Game team managed to break their record and raise almost $8000 for UNICEF. Congratulations.

At time of writing the grand total was $7811, over $500 more than last year's total of $7300. At this stage you can still donate to the cause and if you have a spare bit of cash lying around I recommend that you do so!

Great job everyone! The stream, as always, was just flat out fun to watch.


    Was great to do, thanks to everybody for their support :D
    Man I am so tired today still :P

    I missed them playing Revelations 2012.

    The bits that I did see were pretty amazing though. Well, the games weren't but that's the point.

    I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I was really impressed by how much work they put into the stream. Great job all round and was glad to have taken part.

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