Leaked Dark Souls II Videos Show Co-Op, Armour And Enemies

Dark Souls 2 isn't out until March of next year. But the network beta's been running in Japan and other places for a little while now. You know what that means: leaked footage showing what the hotly-anticipated sequel looks and plays like. There's about an hour's worth of footage total here so get a snack.

According to the official Facebook page, the North American beta for Dark Souls 2 begins on October 12 (a week later than the previously announced October 5), with a bigger round of testing to follow on October 26.

[via NeoGAF]


    I could work with the challenge, the difficulty level, the dark and grim and hopeless setting, if they simply let me invite and play with friends. Otherwise, the 'half' online of DS doesn't interest me much anymore...

    the co-op gameplay makes it look way too easy, you're just playing a hack and slash. I think I'm going to stick to solo mode

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