Let The Xbox One Pranking Begin

Let The Xbox One Pranking Begin

You can turn an Xbox One on (and off) using voice commands. Handy for the home, but in the workplace? There's room for pranks.

These tweets by Andreas Fredriksson, a senior engine programmer at the freshly-multiplatform Insomniac, are hilarious, because you don't need video to imagine exactly how it goes down.



Andreas Fredriksson [Twitter, via NeoGAF]


    I distinctly remember Microsoft tellng us it would recognise who is talking and be able to ignore commands from the wrong person. - IE the one without the controller, or without their profile running. Guess that one was actually too hard to implement.

      That would be tragic if true for consumers/in-home use (I've images of parents screaming "BILLY! I TOLD YOU TO STOP PLAYING AND GO TO BED! XBOX OFF!" or siblings randomly griefing going through my mind), but seeing as Insomniac would be using devkits... I'm not sure the circumstances are the same — for a start, I doubt their people are using individual Xbox accounts and doubt they're perched in front of kinect sensors so that it can see who's using the consoles.

      Maybe that's wishful thinking, though.

    Advice kiddies: When playing Cod of Duty Modern Black Ops Ghost, keep your volume turned down, use a headset or turn off chat to avoid this happening to you

    Prevention is the key

      I was thinking how fun it would be to shout that over the mic and see how many would leave the game lol
      Luckily I'm going ps4 and pc so I won't find out how funny it is.

      Last edited 12/10/13 10:19 am

    It's sad what passes as a 'prank' these days.

    They just need to patch it so that the off command doesn't work ingame, only on the dashboard

    Ahh, reminds me of the old Gameboy days. "What does this button do?" /switch off power/

    At least it has voice comands...PS4 wont even have gamechat out of the box mahahaha. http://www.original-gamer.com/article/6237-Don?t-expect-to-talk-with-buddies-online-at-the-PS4-launch%3Futm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+original-gamer+%28Original-gamer.com+News%29

    Insomniac would be working off a pretty old version of the dash/kinect

    Final version will recognise which voice is talking to prevent this happening. It will also have a prompt to actually turn off in case of an accident.

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