Let’s Pretend Nintendo Actually Made A Phone

Let’s Pretend Nintendo Actually Made A Phone

Then let’s pretend it looked this cool. OK, so the buttons down the bottom look awkward, but just the thought of being able to carry around a Nintendo phone, packed with as many NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, DS and (maybe) GameCube games as I could fit on there, puts a smile on my face.

Then again, let’s get real: depending on what type of phone you have, you might already have (most of) that scenario in your pocket already.

スーパーファミコンとスマートフォンをMIX [Hocori, via Tiny Cartridge]


  • That’s just silly. If they made a phone, they’d make it horizontal, with the buttons on the long side. If you think about it, the only time you ever need a smartphone to be vertical is to speak on the phone, at which point you’re not even looking at the screen. For anything else, an horizontal layout will work just fine, not to mention is the default for Nintendo games.

    • while i agree with you on the layout, i dont think it would make much marketing sense having a squished screen taken up by the dpad bezel space on the bottom and then the button bezel space on top. at least this way it looks like a decently sized screen on the phone, which would appeal to more people possibly – having it like a traditional handheld might make people think its nothing but a handheld, or something like an n-gage

      ps – i would buy the shit out of that snes-phone ninty 🙂

    • Not necessarily, if we go by previous designed it needs to be as ergonomically inefficient as possible.

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