Latest Title Update For GTA V Is Live For PS3


    Have yet to try online yet. Will give it a go tonight.

    Im loving online and having a gtao lan tonite, i know it aint got system link...but we will see how quik it is in a private session through one internet connection

    It's much better now. Been getting into lobby's with no errors. Still getting the occasional glitch in game. Also it seem many peoples character are getting reset :/ even before this update.

    Honestly i've had no issue what so ever with GTA Online since day 2, it's been flawless for me. I've been loving it. The update went live about 15 hours ago for PS3 as well, bit late reporting this, yeah? :P

    Having no problems with free roam anymore, but still having difficulty doing missions with crew members. Sometimes get endless loading or booted to random servers when trying to start jobs. Slowly improving, but still quite frustrating spending more time watching loading screens than playing the game.

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