Man, Grand Theft Auto V Looks Breathtaking In Fast Forward...

When so many of Grand Theft Auto V's missions focus on blasting through the world at breakneck speed, it's all to easy to ignore the details, which is an absolute tragedy. That's why I'm glad videos like this exist: videos that take the time to focus on the incredible work being done in this video game. The world of Grand Theft Auto V can be breathtaking at times.

And in hindsight I think this may be why, despite the fact I am enjoying GTA V, I still prefer Red Dead Redemption: a game that seems to utilise its environment in more seamless way. Actually that might be unfair: maybe it's more that Red Dead Redemption was more guided in its attempts to make us appreciate the world and exist in that world. Maybe that's more accurate.

Regardless, if you have a spare five minutes, just sit back, relax and breathe it in. When all the whinging is done, Grand Theft Auto V is such a stellar technical achievement.


    GTA V looks breathtaking at any speed, Mark.

    I guess with Red Dead you were encouraged more to explore every nook and cranny as well as spending a fair amount of time travelling around the map. With GTA V, because there's so much, unless you're inclined to explore you go where you're directed and don't get a chance to see everything there is to see, or because you're racing around the city in a sports car rather than on a horse you're concentrating more on traffic rather than what's happening around you.

    At some point though I'm just going to turn all the maps and HUD off and drive around in a chilled out fashion...I say that, I'll probably want to find a quest to do after a few minutes

      I actually feel way more inclined to explore everything in GTA V, albeit taking longer, because of the amazing detail of the game world.

        there is that, but when I'm exploring a city I tend to go to one thing, get distracted by something, go somewhere else and before I know it I'm on the other side of the map, forgotten where I was exploring and start it all over again :D

          OMG, bring in some good old Red Dead clothes, weapons, and a HORSE as DLC? Best idea ever??? (I know, I'm probably not the first to think of it....)

      I totally agree. Maybe I haven't played as much of it yet. But Red Dead made me want to explore every inch of the map. Red Dead on next-gen would be heavenly.

    I was impressed with the environment in GTA IV and I wondered how they'd be able to top not just the game elements, but the environmental elementals as well. But I love all the detail in GTA V, it really contributes to the living, breathing perception of the world.
    Also, that guitar solo is horrendous.

    720p looks like aliased pants no matter how fast or slow. I bought it for the ps3 but am so spoiled by 1440p its basically unplayable.
    Bring on the pc release.

      Exactly, GTA 5 looks like the pinnacle of a generation of consoles. However it is a generation of consoles built on 8+ year old tech... so it's pretty badly handicapped. It looks average. Saying that, the game play and content is great. Bring on the PC version

      Did you watch that video up there?

        you mean the static view that doesn't show the effects character view motion has on the game, being low frame rates and jaggies as far as the eye can see?
        yeh i saw it.
        Not to say that the game isn't an amazing achievement, its awesome and has the potential to be soooo damn pretty with high rez textures and AA. Its just its running on wheezing old consoles at terrible resolution.

        Last edited 11/10/13 3:20 pm

          Honestly my video card, which is two years old, is still going to be more powerful than the unit they are shipping in the XBone....I know how optimization works but there's still only so much you can do with those clock speeds....will be interesting to see Watch Dogs comparisons.

          XBox One - 853 MHz AMD Radeon HD 7000 series DirectX 11.1 based GPU codenamed "Durango"

          My clocked HD 6950 is running at like 1150 MHz with air cooling......

          Last edited 11/10/13 3:41 pm

            Could you find a an 8 year old PC with less than a gig of ram that would run GTA 5 and make it look as good as it does on the 360?

              Like I said, I understand optimization on a PC is not possible to the same degree to which it's possible on a console, however, my PC is nearly eight years old, and I'm willing to bet GTA V will look better on it than it does on my 360....

              It will be running at 8x AA and twice the resolution, at the very least, and I'm willing to be my PC will run it at 30+ fps without dipping like it does on my 360 elite.

              Also no monthly fee for online, and all my friends can play together instead of being split down the PS3/XBox divide. It's a no brainer for me, PC version will be superior.

      Graphics are so relative to the era. The way you trump the amazing look of 1440P will one day sound delightfully cute. Enjoy limiting yourself by factors that have nothing to do with...the actual game. Which will be the same if it ever comes out on PC btw

        I don't get your point. Are you saying it doesn't matter how a game looks/runs because it'll be dated in the future anyway? So we should never worry about graphics ever?

        Last edited 11/10/13 4:25 pm

        A) i think pacman looks great, because of a clear art style that works with the era of technology
        B) Our current generation of 3d games consists of a 3d models with lighting and various depths of maps, which looks much better at higher resolution, particularly given the very small details of a world as realised as GTA 5
        C) The article is about how good THIS game looks NOW
        D) no

    I wanna know what is so interesting that those people would stand on the same spot and talk for 12 hours about.

    god knows how many hours ive put into this game, and the lighting and weather and detail still brings a smile to my face when playing. i was playing a mission online yesterday and i was in sandy shore in the morning, sun rising and fog over the road, im thinking this game is simply out of control.. :)

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