Marvel Heroes Is The Best Game Ever, Because Squirrel Girl

Ladies and gentlemen, Squirrel Girl is now live in Gazillion Entertainment's free-to-play MMO, Marvel Heroes. As LEGO Marvel Super Heroes doesn't come out until Tuesday and Super Hero Squad doesn't count, Marvel Heroes is the first, and therefore best.

Disclaimer: There's probably something wrong with Fahey.


    Squirrel Girl is awesome, too bad I don't really like the game...

    :O all them squirrels!!! Squirrels being my favourite animal I might have to give Squirrel girl a go.

    I stopped reading comics in the late 80's/early 90's so excuse me here but, Squirrel Girl... really? Squirrel Girl. Is this really a thing in the marvel universe? Not going to lie, it seems pretty damn lame.

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      That's really the whole point of her character.

      The fact that she's so powerful and so cute / silly is the point.

      From wikpedia: "Following her defeat of Doctor Doom,[7] an ongoing joke depicts Squirrel Girl repeatedly attaining victory over various villains, some of whom are considerably more powerful than she is."

      She's defeated Deadpool, Wolverine, MODOK, Thanos and as previous mentioned, Doctor Doom. She knows full well that many of her greater victories have been thanks to her enemies underestimating her.

    Also, Marvel Heroes keeps going from strength to strength. Bar a little bit over the top F2P model and some bugs in 1.4, it's a great ARPG.

    I just don't see the appeal of Squirrel girl. She is meant to be some 'Uber' character yet in the comics she is portrayed as a joke. Yet everyone loves here ....

      That's the point. You're talking to the kind of people who probably play gnomes in World of Warcraft and don't see anything wrong with that. There's just no helping some people.

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