McDonalds Names Burger After...Video Game Team

McDonalds Names Burger After...Video Game Team

So McDonalds in Sweden held a competition earlier in the year. The winner got to name a burger. And now we have a burger named after an eSports team.

Seems the winner was a big competitive gaming fan, so decided to name the burger the McNiP, after Ninjas In Pyjamas, one of the most successful Counter-Strike teams of all time.

It looks tasty! Beef, bacon, hot sauce...good times.

While the winner was decided bakc in May, the burger goes on sale next week. Any Swedish readers want to set up us some photos?

McDonalds in Sweden to serve eSports themed burger [GameSpot]


    Unfortunately, the non-gaming world will likely see this as the McDerogatorynameforsomeoneofasiandescent. If they called it the McNinja though...

      If they called it the McNinja though, they'll have a rather irate ninja pay Ronald a visit.

      If they called it the mcninja, it wouldn't be using a racially derogatory word. I'm not white knighting but you're jumping to the defensive a little too quickly there. This is *definitely* poorly thought out for a burger name but only if it were released somewhere like Australia, in Sweden the name might not have the same connotation.

      That being said, my mouths watering looking at that damn burger...

      Last edited 24/10/13 11:54 pm

        It's a pretty infamous word. Sweden may not use the word in day to day life, but you can bet they know what the slur means. I'm sure it was honestly just that nobody thought of it, but they are probably going to get terrible press for this.

    looks tasty now, but when you get it, looks like crap

    I can just see the slogan now, "Come and wrap your mouth around one of our big juicy McNiP's, It's hot".

      "it's just a little bit saucy"

    So, if you drop it, is that called a McNip slip?

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